A Balance Of Diet and Exercise

As I’ve explained in another post on this website, one of the great things about the Venus Factor Diet is that it’s personalized to your requirements.

In fact, the authors of the program help every woman who invests in it to personalize it to their own requirements.

(There’s more about this down the page, but for now, suffice it to say that if you don’t want to take up the exercise program you can still use the Venus Factor diet successfully to lose weight.)

People are very satisfied with all that the Venus Factor diet offers.

Because of the personalized approach, you have both exercise and diet programs which are both matched to your body’s metabolism, and your weight loss and toning objectives.

You can see this level of support is superb – frankly, I haven’t seen it with any other diet or weight loss program on the Internet.

Not only this, but John Barban, who is an expert physiologist and sports scientist, emphasizes that the only way this program can work for you is if it fits in with your current lifestyle.

You know how short of time so many people are – this might be true for you – so Venus has been designed to fit in with everybody’s lifestyle. It’s practical. It’s designed for women.

It uses fat burners for women, not some ludicrous notion like reducing calories to 1200 calorie diet levels, or eating only protein like the Atkins diet….

You dont have to do this alone! Be a part of the VF Community

And to make it fit in with everybody’s lifestyle, it’s simple too: the exercise program is personalized for you, the dieting program is personalized for you, and unlimited support is available either from the authors, their “ambassadors” (specially trained advisers), or the Venus Factor Community.

And that support is really helpful, because as you know simple doesn’t necessarily equate to “easy”.

For almost everybody who’s trying to lose weight, especially if they’re trying to lose weight quickly, or slimming with a harsh diet regime, there’s always a point where they feel they can’t go on, or it’s not worth it. That might not happen to you, though!

In John Barban’s system, this is where you get support from your fellows in the community. It is where the interactivity, the podcasts, and the hooking up with other Venus Factor “goddesses” comes into its own.

Yes! You can actually find connections with other local Venus goddesses – that’s the term given to women who are using the program, LOL – and hook up with them as a fitness buddy, an exercise buddy or just a support buddy.

(After all, you will look like a goddess by the time you’ve finished!)

Diet and Weight Loss Program Testimonials 

One of the members of the community, call Beth Hill, has written a testimonial which you can see at the start of the 12 week diet plan: “I’m so thrilled with the changes that have taken place in my 12 week Venus Factor diet and weight loss program. I have tried it all, and struggled to make anything work long-term. The Venus Factor diet is what I’ve been looking for.

Eat well and lose weight safely – the key to good dieting

“It’s not prepackaged. It’s not a pharmaceutical secret. It’s not a list of rules, it’s not a temporary fix, and it’s not a fraud preying on human weakness. Its secret lies in eating the foods I choose to eat on a smaller scale, and simply challenging my muscles more and more. This is an exercise program for weight loss, not body building! It’s also about not eating when I’m not hungry, and controlling my calories for when I do want to eat. It’s not about fitness for the physically fit – it’s fitness to create good health. And it’s a personal commitment with no strings attached.”

And I think she’s got the essence of the system exactly right there. This is certainly not an ordinary weight loss program, which you can see just by reading the Venus Factor reviews from people who have tried it.

It seems to go much deeper somehow: and that isn’t just about increasing people’s self-esteem when they look absolutely fantastic.

It isn’t just about the sense of achievement that people get through trying this program.

It’s about the increased self-esteem, it’s about the increased positivity, about the increased gratitude and optimism that people feel when they’re fit and healthy and looking great.

In fact Beth quite accurately, calls it “being high on life”!

Decide what you want to eat, need to eat and like to eat – and then set up your own diet plan with the Venus diet’s online program. It’s very simple!

Now just imagine how you’d feel if this program could do the same thing for you!

Well, the great thing is, you really can have all of this!

You can do it with the help and support of all the other Venus goddesses in the community.

You can do it with the support of the authors of the program.

You can do it by finding true motivation and support – the kind of support you might never have experienced before.

In fact, the women who’ve been doing this program successfully for some time actually offer to coach the new women who join the process.

It’s an absolutely astounding community which i is underpinned by friendship and even mutual love.

And in fact, when you think about it, that’s not so surprising, because we all know that sharing a powerful experience is a great way of bonding with another person.

A check in buddy can help you lose weight fast. And hold you accountable for eating chocolate rather than fruit!
So you can get a check-in buddy when you join the program, a woman who’ll be there for you whenever you want to give her a call or drop an email, and who will (naturally) check if you’re fulfilling your commitment to the program.

And this is all done in a friendly way, because the only person responsible for you losing weight fast is you!

Another great thing about every woman’s own Venus Factor diet is the way I hear the word balance used over and over again.

Of course we all know there’s a balance to be struck in life between many different things: career and family, friendships and relationships, and in this case – working out hard, and working out in a way that fits in with everything else you have to do.

Yet none of this is either/or – it’s about finding the right balance, but finding the right path, about finding the right way to lose weight quickly for you.

A Diet And Exercise Plan To Help You Lose Weight Fast

One of the biggest questions for women is “Should I exercise or not when I diet?” Generally we tend to think of getting in shape as losing weight and exercising.

And certainly the Venus Factor Diet offers you the opportunity to do both of those things: the first part of the program is about weight loss and fat removal. You get a low calorie diet to lose weight. But only something you can manage – that’s because you are in control of how it works!

The basic Venus plan is actually a 12 week diet which will help you shift pounds quickly. I mean, you could lose as much as 5 pounds a week if you follow the program carefully (although this might be more than average). And it’s easy to discover how to lose weight naturally.

But even if you aim for a reduction in weight of just one pound a week, at the end of three months you’ll have lost 12 pounds in weight. That’s pretty amazing. It’s an easy way to lose weight.

Well, so what about exercise? Your weight loss challenge will be easier if you engage with an exercise for weight loss exercise routine, for sure. But you don’t have to!

Exercise, though helpful to losing weight, is ultimately your choice! The exercise program is an optional part of the program!

Andrea, one of the program’s successful participants said this to me: “I’d tried everything: the low carb diet, weight loss and diet pills, fat burning foods, extreme weight loss programs, and just about every other way to lose weight you can think of. In the end I tried a juice diet, which left me weak, and a crash diet, which made me feel ill. Maybe the only thing I didn’t try was fasting! Just when it was all getting a touch crazy, a friend tipped me off about the Venus Factor diet, and I’ve never looked back since. It can provide all the motivation to diet I need, there’s no complex weight loss plans to follow, and there’s a massively supportive community and help line, too.”