But What Do Real People Think?

Reviews Of Venus

Whenever you go on the Internet looking for a review of a product for sale, you’ll find dozens – even hundreds – of phony reviews put up there by people who want to sell the product.

The Venus Factor is no exception – in fact, because weight loss is such a big area on the Internet, the number of phony reviews is even worse than it is for other products.

We aim to change all that by giving you the facts! Then you can make up your own mind if you want to go to the official Venus website and buy the product.

One good way to tell if a review is phony is that at the bottom of most phony reviews, or somewhere else on the page, there’s generally going to be some technique or trick designed to suck you in to purchase the product – often a discount coupon that runs out (amazingly enough) tonight. What a coincidence.

Start NOW! That way you get there sooner!
Start NOW! That way you get there sooner!

These are good clues that you’re being conned by somebody whose only motivation is to make money.

Sure, I certainly sell the Venus Factor on this website, and it’s true that I make a small commission on every sale.

But ethically, it’s unacceptable to fool people into believing that a product can do something it can’t simply to make money. Just to make the point, here’s an example taken from the internet: Miracle Weight Loss With No Effort!!

And to sell anything with integrity, I think you have to allow every individual who might want to buy it the opportunity to make up their own mind about it.

Put those two things together, and I reckon the only reasonable way of reviewing the Venus Factor is to describe what’s in the program, and explain the principles on which it’s based – and then let people make their own minds up.

No Fasting Required With Venus Factor!
There’s No Fasting Required With Venus Factor!

That’s why, on this website, you can see a description of what’s in the Venus program.  

In fact that’s the basis of this website.

But another useful thing is to actually go out into the Internet and search for genuine reviews of the product. While it’s true that they are few and far between, if you look in the discussion forums you can find authentic comments from users who are using and discussing the product.

Equally, there are some experts out there who provide genuine information about the product which isn’t simply designed to sell it, but to allow you to make your own mind up about it.

One of them is Michelle Carrillo, who’s got a really interesting website which covers all kinds of health products for men and women.

She makes the observation that diets have covered the whole field of human endeavor from “blood type diets” through “cavemen diets” to the Atkins diet and raw food diet and the cabbage diet and the elimination diet…

I’m sure you get the idea: diets are big business, because so many people are overweight and wish to trim down in size. Our obesity epidemic has led to hundreds of diets over the years, some of which are absolutely crazy, and possibly quite damaging to your health if you were foolish enough to adopt them.

That alone tends to make everybody skeptical when they hear about a brave new idea in the world of dieting.

But on the other hand, it stands to reason that every so often something genuine will come along – something that really represents a new approach to the old problem of how to lose weight.

And as Michelle says, it looks like the Venus Factor is indeed a genuinely new approach to dieting, not least because it’s scientifically based.

In other words, the principles on which it’s based are genuine (they’ve been demonstrated to be genuine by scientists working quite independently of the manufacturers and publishers of the diet).

The other thing that makes me feel there’s a lot to be said for the VF is that, as Michelle also points out,  women clearly lose weight in a different way to men. Men can just stop eating, for example, most don’t seem to find the 2/5 diet struggle, but I don’t think the same is true for women.

And even when women do lots of exercise every week, the fat that hangs around in certain areas that won’t shift (tummy, butt, you know the ones…)

Of course, you know all this – otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this blog in the first place.

What Makes Venus Different

So the difference between the VF factor and all the other diets on the market is that the VF takes account of the woman’s hormone which is responsible for the challenges women have in losing weight.

That hormone is called leptin.

Oddly, this was only discovered quite recently, even though it does have a profoundly important role to play in the deposition and loss of fat in women’s bodies.

Michelle’s review of the Venus Factor – a review which, I might add, judging by the absence of any sales link on her site, is clearly not designed simply to sell the product – emphasises that the principles behind this diet is perfectly sound.

You eat fewer calories than you use every week. That means you can lose weight. But the fact is that you’re going to lose weight faster on this diet than any other, because it’s carefully designed for women’s bodies – indeed it’s actually tailored for every individual woman uses it.

Now, what do real women think about this diet?

The sparkpeople.com message board is full of reviews, some of which are banal, some of which are just sales pitches, and some of which are genuine.

Here’s an extract from one of the genuine ones, by a woman who calls herself theatermama: “I dieted to the letter for the first 3 months and I lost 13 lbs unfortunately then I plateaued for 2 months. I then found Venus Factor which just changed my calories and protein intake and in the last 4 weeks I have lost 8 lbs. I feel great, I still love my food, and of course I still exercise, I still can eat what I want (just not all at once) but I am no longer hungry and I am losing weight and fat and inches quickly. I intend to follow this for the next 8 weeks before deciding if I want to make this a lifestyle.”

So she’s having success! THE VENUS DIET WORKS!

And there are plenty of others too. Here’s another: “The Venus Factor worked for both myself and my mom. I have lost a lot of weight thanks to it and I feel and look better than I have for a long long time. Also my mom suffers from diabetes and the doctor was amazed at the positive changes since she started the program. And all I see are positive comments and reviews here and on other forums. Maybe that’s because the Venus Factor works! I paid $47 for the program which covers both me and my mom and I think it was money well spent.”

At the end of the day, you have to make your own mind up, but what I’m saying is that from what I’ve seen of the Venus Factor on the Internet I’d say it is probably was one of the most reliable and genuine weight loss products out there.

And, you know the other thing about this?

Well, you can get your money back under the money back guarantee very easily! This means there’s no risk involved. I’d say – just go and look at it and then make up your own mind about it.