How This Diet Works

 Leptin – A Natural Fat Burning Hormone In Your Body!

There’s a natural hormone, present in your body. A hormone that controls how much fat you burn off.  It’s called leptin. And it sounds, well, very useful, doesn’t it?

So why not just take leptin to get rid of fat? Surely, if we know how leptin works, we could use it to make dieting easy?

Well, the fact is – taking more leptin doesn’t increase fat metabolism. You see, you already have enough leptin in your body.  

The problem is leptin resistance. Your body doesn’t respond to the very hormone that would cause you to lose weight. To make a diet work, you have to know how to reduce leptin resistance.

Just so you know, the main causes of leptin resistance are:

  • Bad fats – having the wrong kind of fat in your body
  • Increase in sugar intake, especially grains
  • Toxins in the environment

Losing Weight & Leptin

So the secret to losing weight more easily is simply to increase your body’s sensitivity to leptin. That is an extremely effective way of controlling your fat burning system.

Leptin switches on (or maximizes) your body’s metabolism. If you can increase your body’s sensitivity to leptin, the same amount of leptin in your system will encourage your body to burn a much higher level of fat.

The Venus Factor diet plan is aimed at easier and more  effective weight loss and it works by using tricks and techniques that will do exactly this.

Indeed, the Venus Factor diet plan gives you an extremely detailed explanation of how you can increase your body’s sensitivity to leptin and so lose weight far more quickly.  This is a revolutionary diet plan to lose weight! In short, it’s a fast weight loss diet that actually works!

All the information you need for this effective weight loss program is provided for you in the Venus Factor manual. The pictures below show the kind of results you might expect with a scientifically based (in fact, a hormonally based) diet plan:

From this? 

No matter what your objectives, the VF gives you a great chance of achieving them!
No matter what your objectives, the VF gives you a great chance of achieving them!

To this?

Woman measuring her waistline with swimming pool in the background

Now although those are illustrations of what you might expect, just imagine – those are the kind of results within your grasp!

Of course, food and calorie intake is one part of the equation, but the more important question is whether or not the Venus Factor will actually work for you. Theory is one thing, and practice is another, as the saying has it….

And if the Venus Factor does work, does it work for all women? Does it work whatever your diet? Does it work whatever your age?

Assessing Venus: More Details About Leptin

Not all women metabolize leptin in the same way. There are important differences between women in how leptin works, and this determines what is necessary for effective weight loss.

That’s why the Venus Factor is so different to other weight loss programs: it offers you the opportunity to tailor what you’re eating, and how much you’re eating, to your exact requirements for those effective and fast ways to lose weight.

And there’s a lot more to the Venus Factor than meets the eye at first sight. For example, there’s an interesting section in their material on “disinhibited eating” (page 27).

This is basically related to the common idea in diet-related circles that some foods are good and some foods are bad. We all have the idea that when you’re dieting you need salads and vegetables and fruit and protein. And somehow chips and pizza and burgers are bad.

But the interesting thing about the Venus Factor is that it emphasizes there actually are no such things as good or bad foods when you try to lose weight.

The truth of matter is that what counts are total calories consumed, and those calories PLUS the way in which you eat those calories, is what determines whether or not you’re heading in the right direction (i.e. whether your weight is going up or down).

weight loss is easy when you combine a good diet with exerciseFor example, you probably know that a crash diet almost never works. The pounds soon pile on again, usually quicker than they came off!

By the way, neither do gimmicks – I mean things like hypnosis, acupuncture for weight loss, that kind of thing. They are useless. And that’s because you need the inner motivation for weight loss that comes from seeing sustainable loss of fat week after week, combined with an approach to diet that is enjoyable. 

(Go on a two week crash diet and you’ll put the pounds on again in ten days. Try hypnosis for weight loss and as soon as the hypnosis stops, the weight piles back on…. and so on.)

That’s Where This Amazing Diet Wins Hands Down!

Eat what you want (within reason!)
Eat what you want (within reason, subject to the diet plan!)

So the Venus Factor is based on a revolutionary approach to dieting and weight loss. And that’s why it works so well.

First, it’s based on science. Second, the science is proven – both in theory and practice. Third, the Venus Factor is the best way to lose weight because it is adaptable to every woman who tries it. Fourth, it’s based on commonsense.

The venus diet is neither dogmatic nor fanatical.  Which means it IS a practical and sensible approach to dieting and weight loss.

Here’s an extract from the text of the Venus factor manual:

“Keep in mind that for a short while when your goal is weight loss, calories are really all that matter. You’ve got the rest of your life to determine what exact foods you’d like to have as a part of your diet.”

And I firmly believe you should allow yourself to eat any and all foods you desire. The point is that you can eat anything you want, including leafy greens, fruit, grains, a dairy, meat, poultry, fish, seafood, processed foods, fast food, candy, and junk food.

As John Barban says, all of this can be part of a successful weight loss program if you do it intelligently. Fortunately, that’s exactly what you’ll be doing when you’re slimming with the Venus Factor program.

Great! So things are looking really good here. The Venus Factor is a science-based way to lose weight, the theory behind it is well-proven, and it’s adaptable for every woman who tries it.

More to the point, it is specifically designed as a diet plan for women. It controls fat loss, and it uses – among other approaches – metabolism boosters ideally suited to women.

So how difficult is it to slim down using the venus factor diet plan?

I think the short answer is that it’s very easy. Let’s see why…..

The next thing you come across in the Venus factor manual is a lot of information about different foods and how many calories they contain.

This isn’t just about warning you off fatty foods, as I hope is by now obvious: it’s actually more about revealing the quality of different foods, and showing you the ones which are good for your health and the ones which really are not good for your health.

As you may well know, fat is an essential part of everyone’s normal food requirements. So the Venus factor isn’t about giving up everything that tastes good because it contains fat. It’s about finding the right balance of different foodstuffs, and more specifically doing what’s right for you and your metabolism.

There’s a lot of practical and easy-to-follow information about how often and how much you might choose to eat.

illustration of woman dieting
Feel proud of your progress – use a diet that really works, and see change every day! (Not real user results – for guidance only.)

The idea that you might want to miss a meal is considered in detail, because that often leads to what’s known as “ego depletion”. In other words, the longer the gap between meals, the lower your ability to resist the urge to eat.

Obvious, perhaps, but as author John Barban points out, why bother trying to fast as a way to lose weight, or miss meals, if there’s going to be a rebound effect?

Diets That Don’t Work – A YouTube Ted Talk

All of these aspects of dieting and weight loss are dealt with in the Venus Factor in a practical way that’s easy to understand, and even easier to follow.

What I really noticed about the Venus Factor as I read through it is the fact it is written with a lot of compassion and consideration for women’s needs and requirements.

There’s a big clue there, I think, about why so many dieting programs don’t work for women: the truth is they’re designed by and for men. Diet plans for women are few and far between…..

To be honest, anything labelled “best exercise to lose weight” or “easy way to lose weight” or “how to lose 20 pounds in a week” is probably written by a man for a woman. And he doesn’t know that men and women’s bodies lose weight differently and need different approaches to lose weight at the same rate.

So thank you to John Barban for sorting this out and writing a diet program that not only focuses on calories to lose weight, but also provides diet recipes that offer women easy ways to lose weight – ways that are tailored to their bodies’ needs.

Programs about how to lose 20 pounds in a week don’t take account of female physiology, and they certainly don’t, unlike the Venus Factor, take account of these critical differences in the fat hormone leptin, which occurs in very different levels in women’s and men’s bodies.

I’m Excited About This – I Really Am!

If you’re detecting excitement in my writing, you’re bang on. I tried all kinds of approaches to weight loss over the years, and experienced the same results as most women: wildly fluctuating weight, but no consistent loss over time.

When I reviewed the Venus Factor, I knew immediately this was something different. I recognized at once the power it holds for women who want to lose weight and shape their bodies. And I discovered that the Venus Factor really works for the vast majority of the woman who try it.

All you need to know to see how well it works is to learn how the Venus Factor works. That’s why the science and the logic and the emotion behind weight loss is set out so beautifully in the basic manual.

I appreciate the constant scientific references around the role of leptin. These demonstrate that what John Barban is saying is based on real, proven science. I’m not suggesting that you really need to know all this science, but I’ll take one example from the hundreds available.

B. R. Thompson’s scientific paper from 2010 in the Journal Of Molecular Cell Endocrinology demonstrated what happens to fat when it’s released from men and women’s bodily fat stores, and how it can be recycled back into those fat storage areas.

diet plans do not come easier than the venus factor Obviously any dietary program needs to take account of the fact that the body likes to preserve fat, particularly in women, as a guarantee against hard times. By reviewing everything the scientists know about the way fat is processed in the the female body, Barban and his co-authors have been able to produce the Venus Factor, which is a weight loss program specifically designed for women’s needs.