How Safe Is the Venus Factor?

If you’re wondering what your Venus Factor diet and exercise plan is all about, it’s basically a revolutionary weight loss system for women with one important and significant difference to all the others on the market. It actually works!

Now, I know that sounds amazing, but I’ve researched this program in detail, I’ve checked it out with people who’ve used it, and I’ve read about the science – and it all stacks up.

Most of the diet programs on the Internet are hyped up, reviewed by dishonest people want to make money, and generally turn out a disappointment to people who try them.

Venus Factor diet plans are different. For one thing, I’m not actually hyping it up, because while I’m giving you my opinion, I’m also going to tell you EXACTLY what is in the program. That way you can decide for yourself if you want to buy it.

Does that sound fair? Great! Let’s get started.

This Diet Helps You Lose Weight Fast

Now, I think one of the things that happens with products like this one (i.e. any diet and weight loss plans that promise to show you how to loose weight fast) is that very few reviews of them on the Internet are honest and independent.

They tend to be written by someone trying to sell you the product!

Yet if you look hard enough, you can find independent reviews, usually in forums. For example, there’s the forum which is full of weight loss stories.

There’s an interesting discussion here about the effectiveness of Venus Factor diet plans.

The first comment starts with a woman who says that the Venus Factor program looks like a good one, even though the fitness element seems to be based more on what you want to look like, rather than functional strength.

Well, in my opinion, even if that’s true, it’s probably appropriate for many women, who don’t necessarily want muscular development, but who certainly want to lose fat and tone up so that they look good.

After all, the key to success is to find the best diet for weight loss program and combine it with the best exercise routine for weight loss.

The woman who’s writing about this is actually experienced in personal development, and she makes the point that there’s a really wide profile of exercises, both cardiovascular and toning, so that no matter what your objectives might be, you’re can certainly get the outcome you want.

Venus Offers All The Information You Need!

In addition, there’s plenty of information on your personalized Venus Factor website in the form of podcasts which you can easily access, download onto your MP3 player, and take with you wherever you want to go.

There’s another woman who adds to the discussion by making the point that the Venus fitness program contains not only weight loss information but also dieting and nutritional information, a fitness training program, and an exercise regime suitable for everybody.

And she’s right, because this is one of the most important points about your individual Venus Factor Diet: it really is designed individually for your specific needs!

Your individual program, which is based on information you feed into the VF software system when you start, comes out in the form of downloadable programs for:

  • exercise regimes
  • fitness regimes
  • nutritional calculators
  • calorie counters
  • eating plans and menu plans
  • and a tailored exercise plan designed specifically for you.

And while all this may sound a bit overwhelming at the moment, you also have access to a community of thousands of women who have undertaken a Venus Factor exercise program already, and who are incredibly supportive and ready to offer whatever help you might need.

You see, because although it sounds rather complicated and difficult, the whole system is in fact extremely straightforward to use!

To take but one example, you can print off the diet and exercise programs and use them at home or in the gym, or you can download the exercise programs onto your mobile phone, and take them with you wherever you go.

A third woman chips into the debate by saying that she thinks buying into Venus Factor Diet is “so worth it”, but she makes the point that is not a miracle system.

Well, no surprise there, because we all know miracles are few and far between when you’re trying to slim, dieting and losing weight!

But I think the point woman is getting at is that Venus and all it offers is extremely user-friendly.

You can, for example, monitor your calorie intake very simply indeed just by using the software tools provided by this system (and yes, they really are very simple to use!).

Now, we all know that weight loss and dieting isn’t just a matter of printing out programs on what exercises to do and what foods to eat.

Perhaps the most important factor of all is motivation: and that’s where the Venus community comes into its own.

Thousands, literally thousands, of supportive women are ready to support their friends and fellow dieters through any difficulties or challenging times – and then some.

But as the women in the myfitness forums observe, this program is actually gives you control not only over your diet, but also over the rate at which you lose weight.

And another poster makes the observation that she’s “tried all the miracles out there, and they all seem to be about ways to avoid putting any work in”!Now that’s important, because you are in charge of what’s happening to you: you’re choosing how fast you lose weight, and you’re choosing the level of exercise regime that you feel comfortable with.

As she says, when she is “drenched in sweat”, she knows she is actually achieve something.

As soon as you buy the Venus Diet e-book, which is 85 pages long, and therefore clear and concise, you’ll see that the information provided is absolutely down-to-earth and very practical for anyone to use.

It covers all the information you need to lose weight safely and quickly, including (optional) information on female physiology, female metabolism, how you can count calories effectively, how you should best approach your dietary requirements, and what you can do to exercise your body effectively.

And beyond that, as one commentator in the forums makes clear, is the fact that both the exercise program and the diet are individually tailored to you.

Not only that, but they’re both so flexible that you’re actually going to be completely in control of what you want to do while you go through the program.

The way it works is to use scientific computer programs to analyze your data and produce simple facts and figures, and straightforward guidelines for your diet and exercise choices.

If there’s any problem with the Venus Factor Diet, this woman says, it’s around the fact that the authors (or their admin people, I guess) send you loads of emails which are, in her words a little bit “hyper” – BUT, having said that, you can actually choose which emails you receive, so even this doesn’t need to be a problem.

Another forum poster is interested in the kind of things she hears being said about Venus, which is something like “there are no miracles, you have to work at diet and exercise”.

She observes that the point people are missing is this: just because the Venus Factor Diet is extremely easy to follow doesn’t mean you don’t have to work at it. Rather, it means the work involved need not be the kind of “insane” techniques some diets call for.

A useful program of exercise, tailored to your individual requirements, and a nutritional program which doesn’t put you under stress, but allows you to lose weight, will help YOU more than anything else to shape up and look good.

So all in all, the points that matter are that the

  • Every Venus workout is customized to your body type
  • There’s plenty of variety both in exercise programs and diet
  • You have choice over what you do and how you do it at all times
  • There are plenty of videos and downloadable material to show you exactly what you should be doing in all areas of the program
  • And if you follow the (not very complicated) instructions, it will actually work for you.

One good example of this was provided by one reviewer in the program, who was writing in November 2013.

She had an individualized exercise program which required a 45 minute workout three times a week, and that helped her to lose 5 pounds a week over a period of three weeks.

In addition, of course, she was following the calorie review program, so that she was eating a certain number of calories a day – this will help you lose weight, too.

This was all based on her individual weight, age, height, and physiological requirements.

But there are further things to take account of. It’s not just a simple matter of how many calories you should eat per day and the meal plans that follow from that (all of which are provided).

In addition, for example, Venus gives you a breakdown of how much protein you should eat in a day. This is because the whole system is designed specifically for female physiology, and it’s about making your natural fat burning hormones more active.

To make sure that your body doesn’t start giving up the protein in the muscle tissue, the whole system is designed to get the balance of exercise, fat loss, and protein maintenance in your muscles correct.

In other words, to put it more simply – it’s a very safe program.