Venus Factor Immersion (A Review)

Taking Your Venus Factor Further

Immersion is a truly remarkable part of the program.

But first things first.

It’s billed at $79 per month on a repeating basis (to be exact, they offer your first month free for yo to try it out then ask for $79 a month for 8 months). However, when you sign up, you’ll be offered an alternative option – lifetime access with no further charges for a single payment of $147. And that’s clearly more in line with the most people’s budgets.

But is it worth it?

Well, that depends entirely on what you want to achieve.

First of all let’s find out what John Barban says about it: “It’s all about increasing your results.”

The question is not whether it’s worth the $147 which you will pay but whether you want to go the extra mile, to increase your results. You’ll be wondering how it does that, no doubt?

Quite honestly, if you want to go into body shaping and weight loss at the highest level, it’s helpful to have mentoring from an expert like John Barban in person.

That’s the first advantage of the Venus Immersion package.

venus factor review
If you’re really motivated to look good fast, then “Immersion” may be for you!

In addition there’s a whole variety of refinements: speciality workouts designed and built for YOUR individual goals; over a hundred premium podcasts which cover the theory and practice of weight loss and body building, including many revelations about falsehoods, lies and scams around diet systems, bodybuilding systems, and exercise programs; and exercise regimes for specific hard to shift areas of fat.

And there’s also access to a nutrition calculator, nutrition videos, sophisticated tracker software to log your fitness program… and more.

As I said, it sounds great – but is it necessary?

It’s hard to say, because the decision whether to buy into it or not is such a personal one.

Certainly John Barban and Brad Pilon, authors of the program, have spent 15 years of dedicated and focused work in the area of human physiology and nutrition. They are leaders in their field. Having somebody like that around you can be really helpful when you are trying to lose weight.  

And that’s really the promise of what you get with the Venus Factor Immersion program.

But Immersion is additional to the basic Venus Factor (diet and exercise) programs. It may not be necessary for you.

Other Things You Get 

So what other advantages might there be in buying into the Venus Factor Immersion Membership Level?

The first is that you get some specially designed Venus Index Circuits. These are billed as “An incredibly effective way of burning fat and toning your entire body without wasting time or energy.”

In other words, you can avoid long cardio sessions, and hours in the gym, by taking a series of extra-demanding (for which read difficult) circuit training exercises. As John describes it: “Our exclusive circuit training system designed for clued up women who don’t want to compromise on results!”

The point is this: with more focus and dedication, and perhaps more time, maybe the Immersion program is a more convenient way for you of getting the results you want.

Be prepared to sweat with Immersion
Be prepared to sweat with Immersion

And it demands more, a lot more, in terms of effort and motivation – and certainly in terms of sweat!

But then, like everything in life, the more effort you put in, the more you’ll get out.

Combined with personal advice from John Barban, this could be an effective way of making rapid gains – remember, at the cost of considerable personal effort.

You also get the Venus Index Phase 3 Workouts when you buy into Venus Immersion.

What do the authors say about it? “This is the most intense, fat burning, body shaping workout yet.”

So you can take it from that that it’s gonna be tough. Very tough. It’s a 12 week strength training program which takes you through three distinct cycles, each of which features different reps and sets, to develop different parts of your body. You also get clear instructional video clips which will show you exactly how to do each set of exercises. But beware!

As John says himself: “It’s not for everyone, we admit that. You’ll need to give a bare minimum of four days a week to the workouts, peaking at five days a week points throughout the program… But if you’re ready to take the challenge you will be rewarded with a leaner, tighter body than you ever thought possible.”

Immersion is about body shaping.

Before you go any further you really might like to read this about the effects of diet and exercise on weight loss.

And There’s More

There are other things – including membership to a private area of the Venus Community Forum available for immersion members only, and there’s the Venus Index Specializations.

What does that mean? It’s about fine tuning various areas of your body. So for example the specializations will cover either your arms, your back, chest, legs, shoulders or butt.

In fact, whatever your personal body area of difficulty is, the Venus Index specializations will give you a work out which has been specially designed to really develop those areas – what John Barban calls stubborn areas of fat and “lagging body parts”!

As he says, “If you’ve ever thought you can’t do any more to alter your body shape, think again. We will show you how to work with – not against – genetics.”

So what about those uncensored podcasts I mentioned above?

Immersion gives you access to about 100 podcasts so far (and counting) where the experts within the Venus Factor Community talk about the issues and challenges which their members face every day.

Every episode will (so they say) “skyrocket your knowledge, giving you a piece of critical information” – all designed to make the jigsaw of weight loss and weight training come together in a complete whole.

But is it worth it?

It’s hard to find reviews on the Internet that give you a clear answer to this question.

That’s because the reviews tend to be within private forums in the Venus Factor community. (And it’s true, there are very comprehensive and detailed discussions going on between many thousands of supportive members in those forums – which makes them well worth joining. What you get outside on the public Internet is mostly ill informed, if not downright, stupid tittle tattle.)

Indeed, my attempts to find an independent review on the Internet about Immersion have drawn a blank.

So I think it’s better for me to sum up my opinion and leave it at that.

I haven’t actually signed up for immersion, which is because I have got the results I want with the basic Venus Factor Diet.

I would have signed up for Immersion if I’d had more time, more focus, and more energy to devote to really shaping my body into the perfectly sculpted figure that I wish it looked like. In my dreams, that is!

For women who have the time, money and focus, it’s probably no bad thing. You be the judge of whether that includes you!