Meal Planning, Weight Loss, Measuring Progress

Venus Factor Review

There really is so much information in the Venus Factor Diet manual that it’s hard to include everything on a small review of the entire program on a site like this!

But all the reviews I’ve seen show that not only do you get fantastic value when you sign up, with loads of support, entire programs to review your progress, and experts on hand to counsel you when you’re flagging, you also get a diet actually works!

And this section includes some great advice on meal planning — a perfect way to shed the excess fat and then ensure that you keep your fitness level and attractive physique for the rest of your life.

So How Does Venus Work?

Well, first and most important, the meal plans in your venus factor diet include many choices for your diet – so many in fact that you’ll be certain to find something you absolutely adore.

There’s lots of information about the quantity of food you need to eat, and the calories this contains, as well as protein and carbohydrate content.

This ensures that you can plan precisely what you’re going to consume every single day, getting food that suits your tastes, matches your nutritional requirements, and supports your personal metabolism.

The meal plans are astoundingly detailed – as you can tell from the simple fact that over 100 pages of the manual are devoted to information on meal plans.

Not only that, but there are recipes and quantities included. You can discover the precise calories content of almost any food. Here’s an example of the kind of information you get.

This means your venus factor diet is actually an ideal weight loss plan, one which shows you what to eat, when you should eat it, and even how you can eat it, in order that you achieve your weight loss goals quickly and safely.

Maintaining your ideal weight could not be easier!

Nutritional supplements

I think we all believe nutritional supplements are good for us, but the interesting thing is that some of them are definitely not helpful.

Without your Venus Factor Diet, you might not be able to discriminate between the right supplements (the ones which encourage fat burning), and the ones that are simply NO use whatsoever.

John Barban, the author of the program, has a lifetime’s experience in working with nutritional supplementation, and he points out that regardless of your weight loss goals, be they 10 pounds loss of fat, 12 pounds weight loss, or a more specific 10 pounds in 12 weeks, or whatever, you must review and consume the right supplements so that your body’s sensitivity to leptin naturally increases.

I explain elsewhere on this site that leptin is the hormone which causes fat burning, increases your metabolic rate, and ensures that you lose weight faster.

Since fat burning is directly tied to leptin activity, it is really helpful to take supplements as described in the Venus Factor.

Besides helping you to burn fat, they will ensure that your good health is maintained, your leptin and insulin sensitivity stay high, and your body is running at maximum metabolic efficiency.

Venus  12 Week Diet Plan

Ensuring You Make Progress!

So Part 2 of the 12 week diet plan is all about helping you to ensure that you don’t fall into the trap of thinking that dieting is just about losing as much weight as you can.

In fact, the truth is a bit more subtle – you have to find YOUR perfect shape and the ideal weight that goes with it.

This is the shape and weight that match your physique and body type.

In fact, what John Barban is saying is something that you know already to be true:  you don’t need to be skinny and thin be attractive. Radical, eh?

What you actually need to be is exactly the shape that is right for you. Weight loss alone is not a great goal – what you need is to have a complementary goal about your shape.

The image below will demonstrate how variable women’s bodies naturally are: if you simply aim to be skinny, you’re doing yourself a disservice.

Because, regardless of overall size, you can look very attractive, provided that you have achieved the correct weight loss goals for your body type!

This is incredibly important. When you’re reviewing other women, you know how you make that comparison on the grounds of esthetics? Well, research has shown, more than once, that one of the easiest ways that medics can assess a woman’s risk of chronic illness or disease is to look at the shape of her body.

If you think about obese people, the relationship between body size and illness is quite clear; what might surprise you, however, is that this relationship applies to almost everyone.

For example, if she or he takes the ratio of your height to your waist size, a doctor can predict your risk of diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and metabolic syndrome, with extreme accuracy.

So these are important measurements — which is exactly why they form part of the this weight loss program.

One of the more interesting sections in the Venus Factor diet and workout program is that it contains some fascinating information about female body shapes — these have been described as the banana, the pear, the apple and the hourglass.  (See the diagram above.)

There’s no point trying to work out to achieve, say, the hourglass shape if your natural body type is the apple.

All you will achieve is to punish your body with a routine that is so demanding it exhausts you and you feel tired all the time.

Instead, you should be working out in a way that exercises your muscles in precisely the right way to create the most aesthetically pleasing body shape for you. If you do this, you will reap all the well-known health benefits of correct weight training.

You see, when you’re building muscle, and when you’re losing weight, on a particular dietary regime, you should be working towards some kind of specific goal – not just building muscle with an exercise regimen and hoping everything turns out all right!

This is one of the reasons that people go astray when they’re dieting.

They use the wrong weight training program, perhaps one  just designed to increase muscular size and bulk. And they end up looking worse. Discernment and reviews of what is needed are more important.

The Venus exercise program will take you towards very well defined and clearly measurable goals around the right body shape for you, based on the well-established rule of the Golden Proportions.

If you don’t know what the Golden proportions are, you can easily find out more about it on the Internet.

But basically the Golden Proportions, or the Golden Ratio, are well-known measurements which give the most aesthetically pleasing proportions of the human body.

Now clearly, you’ll understand that an ideal body shape is composed of two parts: an ideal body shape, and an ideal lower body shape.

Once again, the exercise program that you undertake should be designed to ensure that you develop a body shape that suits you both in your upper body and in your lower body.

That’s why the venus factor diet has an online program as well as an ebook and manual tells you which measurements you need to take, and what to do with those measurements, as you go through the program.

These measurements will allow you to adapt both your Venus diet program and your Venus exercise program so that you aim for and achieve YOUR ideal shape, with the correct distribution of fat for your body shape. This is truly revolutionary information: you can’t find it anywhere else.

So let’s conclude by reproducing the testimonial and Venus Factor review which Barbara, one of the system’s members wrote on the forum:

She said that she’d finished the Venus Program, and as a result, her self-image, and her body image had undergone a dramatic transformation.

She feels strong, with a defined, toned and healthy body. And while she’d always felt sexy, she now feels even more sexy because her body is firm and toned — which is a new experience for her.

In fact, she seems to have reached a point with Venus where she’s actually showing off her body, and feeling sexy and attractive because it looks so good! She says:

“I feel my legs firm and strong and now I love to show off my arms. In the past I always tried to avoid tank tops because my arms were flabby skinny. Now tank tops are my favorite piece of clothing and I receive lots of compliments on my arms. I think the key word is POWERFUL. Now I have a powerful body, in all aspects. This is something I never felt before!”

Barbara goes on:

“I always believed that people who claimed to love the gym were crazy or compulsive liars. Now I belong to the crazy group of people that can’t have a day without hitting the gym. I think there are two main factors, one is the results of my new body (which I love) and the second is probably an addiction to the hormones my body produces during exercise. They make me feel good!”

And, joyfully, she concludes that another reason why the program has worked for her is that the guys at the gym are now staring at her “previously non-existent” butt!

Considering the fact she is 54 years old, she’s right to be proud of the fact that she’s attracting a lot of interest from men. And what’s more, Barbara makes the important point, as several other women do, that her diet, both before, during, and after taking the Venus Factor program, is just the same as it always was.

It’s healthy, including lots of vegetables, and her protein source is composed of fish and eggs.

Boring? No way! Barbara goes on to say that she loves desserts, including chocolate, cheesecake, and a particular favorite is deep fried tortilla — unhealthy and greasy Mexican food!

Her secret? She can indulge herself by eating these foods at weekends, in moderate amounts.

Barbara’s final advice?

“Simply give yourself the chance to have a new body.  It was absolutely worth it, and buying the program was the best money I ever invested in my body! I love the new version of me: Barbara Reloaded!”

Signed, Barbara Highland.