A Real Venus Factor Review

Shocking News!

By the way, the best way to get a better body is to diet. Using an exercise plan is great for shaping and toning your muscles, but exercise has limited effect on overall weight. (You can read this if you don’t believe that!)

So I think you can legitimately buy the Venus Factor for the diet alone! You don’t have to do the workouts and exercise regimes.

One particularly useful review has been put on the Internet by Michelle Carillo.

She’s clearly expert in nutrition, diet and fitness, so she’s discussing an area she’s pretty informed about.

Her first comment is that she was surprised and skeptical about the Venus Factor Diet and Exercise Plan, because of the claim that it’s designed specifically for women.

And it’s true: John Barban was probably the first person to come up with a diet plan specifically for women.

(He’s also come up with the Adonis Golden Ratio for men, by the way.  If you look at his qualifications and experience, you’ll be left in no doubt that if anybody can design a diet that really does suit men or women, John Barban is the man. No worries on that score.)

So back to the Venus Factor Review.  

It makes sense doesn’t it? I mean, if women and men have a different physiology, then a diet designed specifically for women could be a much better deal than an “all-purpose” diet for both sexes, yes?

And make note of what John himself says: “The Venus Factor has nothing to do with silly exercise machines, cardio, restrictive or prepackaged diets, or whatever weird wild berry pill the diet industry is talking about these days.”

You see where he’s coming from?

No Fasting Required With Venus Factor!
No Fasting Required With Venus Factor!

His diet is founded on scientific information about women’s physiology.

And it’s also based on sound principles of calorie deficits and maintenance.

That means you eat fewer calories than you expend on certain days every week, and on the rest of the days, known as “maintenance days”, you eat rather more – and this will kickstart your metabolism.

So this is a carefully crafted and scientific diet.

But of course as Michelle says in her Venus Factor Review, the rationale for the diet element in the venus factor goes beyond this.

Women need a different diet to men because they have a different physiology. In fact, their bodies use the fat burning hormone leptin differently.

All the scientific reviews of female physiology have shown that leptin will speed up metabolism and burn fat faster. And women produce more leptin than men. Surely therefore they should lose weight more easily?

No. The problem is that women’s bodies are actually much less responsive to leptin – that’s called leptin resistance.

And furthermore when women start a diet, leptin levels drop very quickly and go very low. That’s a mechanism that mother nature is given to women to stop their fat reserves being burnt off too quickly, so there’s always something left for hard times.

Now whatever the original reason for women’s bodies being different men’s, any venus factor review will show you that women are disadvantaged when it comes to dieting.

Women find it harder to diet and lose weight fast than men. And that’s especially true after pregnancy, because leptin levels apparently go even further down after pregnancy.

So if you can find a way – as John Barban has – to reset the body’s leptin levels, so that it’s actually in a very efficient fat burning state, then clearly fat loss will become easier – and maybe even enjoyable!

Barban’s promise is this: on his Venus Diet you will have high energy levels, no cravings for favorite foods, no weight loss stuckness, higher metabolism, and permanent fat loss from tricky places like thighs, hips, stomach and butt.

Reviewing The Claims For Venus Factor

Now, those are pretty big claims!

But the thing is, there are many questions nowadays about how efficient exercise might be in burning off fat.

For example, did you know that brief exercise is a better way of losing fat than prolonged fast running? Five reasons running may not help you lose weight.  Benefits of running to lose weight! 

John Barban has taken this scientific information into account in designing his diet and exercise plan: it means shorter workouts, and more strength work.

But bear in mind that fundamentally dieting is probably the fastest way to lose weight. Exercise is the best way to tone and shape the body.

Look and feel good at every level with Venus Final Phase!
Look and feel good at every level with Venus Factor (please remember this is an image of how you could look with the VF, not a real user picture!)

There is plenty of evidence for that piece of information.

And if you’re put off buying a copy of Venus Factor because you think it involves a load of serious exercise – don’t be.

You could engage in serious exercise with this diet if you want to, but you don’t necessarily have to do.

Remember, exercise is about toning and fitness. Dieting is about weight loss.

Michelle’s venus factor review continues by pointing out that even if you do choose to do the exercise regime included in John Barban’s Venus Factor Diet, you only have to do it three times a week.

This will both target cellulite and increase leptin sensitivity.

Now, it’s certainly true that in some of the exercises John Barban describes are quite sophisticated.

For example, Fibonacci pyramids, which involve higher reps and lower intensity at the bottom of the pyramid, moving up with intensity and down with reps at the top of the pyramid, are very good techniques to ramp up metabolism.

That can really kick-start your body to make sure that it’s burning fat in the most efficient and fastest way possible.

The interesting thing is that you won’t get exhausted doing this. In fact you’ll find your energy levels go up and up. And the workouts last no more than 45 minutes – which isn’t very much at all, particularly if you’re only doing them three times a week.

By the way, if you’ve heard of diets called Insanity or PX 90, you might be interested to know that the exercise part of the Venus Factor diet is far less demanding than the exercise in either of those two diets and weight loss programs.

Another interesting thing Michelle points out in her review is that if you lose 10 pounds over the 12 weeks of the Venus Factor program, you probably look like you’ve lost double that – just because it’s come off the problem areas.

That is something many women will be grateful for.

When you work hard to lose weight, and it disappears from the places you don’t want to lose – like your breasts – then you feel disheartened.

Anything that gives you encouragement about losing weight from the “right places” has got to be a good thing.

Start NOW! That way you get there sooner!
Start NOW! That way you get there sooner!

Your goals are, of course, highly individual to you, and so the way that you put the Venus Factor recommendations into effect will be entirely personal.

As Michelle says, Barban encourages you to “look beyond the scales” on this program, and gives you targets to “get your waist, hips and shoulder measurements into the best shape possible.… Because when you actively try and achieve the best shape possible, the numbers won’t mean a thing!”

I support that, and on the basis of my review of the venus factor, (which is extensive and has been going on now for quite some time now), I would strongly recommend that you select a moderately restricted diet and then try the exercise program to see how it suits you. You can always drop the exercise plan and you want you continue with the diet alone.

Another interesting thing about the venus factor diet is that it includes cheat days, or maintenance days. These are days when you can eat the calories required to maintain your ideal weight.

Which raises the interesting question of whether or not you’re going to feel hungry on this diet?

And the answer is, of course if you’re used to eating a lot then you will feel hungry.

But there is a way to get round this, which is to change how you’re eating. We all have a lot more willpower in the mornings, so missing breakfast is better than missing lunch and much, much better than missing dinner.

That way you can eat more in the later part of the day, and you’ll experience much less difficulty dieting. Indeed,

Kickstarting your day with a hearty breakfast just makes your metabolism go faster, which then makes it much more difficult to lose weight and eat less later in the day.

Remember that the Venus exercise program is basically about trimming down your particular problem areas where you have excess fat. Sure, you can combine specific exercises with a certain amount of cardiovascular exercise, and this will help you lose weight faster.

I think one of the things that determines what choose to do here is your personal objectives: if you want to lose weight fast, then something that will help you lose weight quickly from all of your body is probably good idea.

And if you’re only aiming to lose, say 10 or 20 pounds over 12 or 24 weeks, then you might want to just take the whole thing more gently.

A lot of people read these reviews and think, “but there’s no point trying, diets don’t work for me… I don’t have the willpower, I don’t have the money, I don’t have the means….. “

To look like this you have to start somewhere.
To look like this you have to start somewhere. (Not a real user picture.)

The thing is this, though. Are you ever going to start dieting? Are you ever going to make a decision that actually this is the time for you to finally make a real effort to lose weight?

If you are, then the Venus Factor is probably the diet that you will want to use. That’s because of the optional exercise program, its inclusion of cheat days, the fact it’s designed for women – and most of all, get this: all the reviews you can find about it say that it works! There really aren’t any negative reviews of the Venus Factor diet out there.

For $47, with a money-back guarantee what you get is quite amazing:

  • a 12 week fat loss diet book
  • a 12 week workout plan
  • workout videos for every exercise
  • support of the Venus Factor community
  • access to support teams 24 seven

The community is an extraordinarily friendly place, where you can get all your questions answered. Every member talks about how the community is so friendly and how people strike up friendships. It’s like chatting to your friends and sharing positive stories with them over a cup of tea!

So to sum up the advantages of the Venus Diet:

  • it’s cheap and great value for money at $47
  • it’s specifically designed for women, using scientific principles of leptin activation
  • it’s easy to follow and your motivation stays high
  • it explains how to keep weight off after you finish the Venus program
  • there’s a community of thousands of people to take part in
  • it actually overrides the body’s low fat burning potential
  • you can get fat off target areas such as your butt or your waist
  • there’s a 60 day moneyback guarantee
  • and you get 24/7 service from experts

But keep in mind that despite these advantages, low-calorie diets can be difficult to follow even if you have cheat days.

And one of the things people do complain about Venus is how there are so many products for sale, how the marketing videos repeatedly encourage you to buy stuff, and how you get lots of marketing emails.

But put all that aside, because you can turn off the marketing emails and you can just whizz through the sales pitches by clicking the link that says NO, and then you get to the real essence of the program.

Venus represents your best chance of losing weight. In fact, there are so many positive testimonials from women who’ve tried the Venus Factor that frankly I wouldn’t go anywhere else!