Reviewing How Venus Factor Works

When you buy the extraordinary Venus Factor diet program you’re probably going to be surprised by how much material there is available for you!

Your membership gives you access to the system through what the authors of the program call your personal “control panel”, which contains access to all of the sections within the program:

  • The 12 week fat loss system – diet and exercise programs designed for you individually
  • Venus Factor diet and virtual nutritionist
  • Venus Factor workout system
  • Venus Factor 101
  • Your bonuses
  • More information on exercise, diet and nutrition
  • Podcasts, coaching calls, and how-to videos. 
  • In addition to that, there are plenty of apps which will guide you through the different sections of the program.

But let’s start with an example of the kind of results that you can get by using the fantastic Venus Factor diet.

Since this is a lot of information, what I’d like to do is describe each part of the system, so you can see what’s in it, and then leave you to decide whether or not to buy it for yourself.

A Venus Review –
Your 12 Week Fat Loss Program

How To Lose Weight Quickly

Well, there’s no doubt about the purpose of your Venus Factor diet plan:  it will allow you to lose weight quickly, even massive weight loss.

And you can, if you wish, use the accompanying exercise program  to get fit and shape your body.

Indeed, the author of the program, a sports scientist and physiologist called John Barban, who has decades of experience in designing nutritional and exercise programs for both men and women, says that this is the only fat loss system a woman need ever buy.

And he’s making such a bold claim because the VF weight loss diet has been designed specifically to work with the female body. So what do you get for your money, and does it live up to its billing?

When you sign in as a member, you’ll be impressed by the clear and uncluttered design of your member’s “control panel”. And that’s a good start, I think, because it tells you that the whole of the program will be logical and straightforward to follow.

Now, I’ve had a word with John Barban, who tells me that although the science on which his diet program’s based is a bit complicated, the actual program itself is straightforward.

He’s used his own scientific training and the best science writers he could find to convert scientific information and experiments into a rapid weight loss program that we can all follow easily.

The essence of it is that he started by researching what makes a woman’s body lose fat at the fastest rate possible. In doing so, he discovered the science of the fat burning hormone, leptin, on which many research projects have now been conducted.

This scientific basis eliminates the need for struggle – and believe me, you might well struggle on a diet which puts harsh restrictions on what you can eat – like the protein diet, the soup diet, the cabbage diet and the 1200 calorie diet, to name but a few!

The difference is, Venus diet plans are based on real science! The science of the fat burning hormone leptin….

As a result of looking at the scientific information available on leptin, John has come up with a way in which you can, in his words, “trigger a fat melting metabolism in your body which burns like a furnace day after day”.

Yes, sure, that’s a big claim! So can he justify it? Well, I believe so.

First and foremost, he provides a great deal of information in your Venus Factor diet guide about how leptin works, information which you can use to review the whole system.

Sidebar: When you download the VF 12 week fat loss system, you get a PDF document which tells you all you need to know. This PDF document is 179 pages long, and it’s split between background information (which you don’t have to read unless you really want to), and clear and simple instructions about how to download your exercise program and your nutritional program. The PDF document starts with an explanation of how the Venus Factor actually works: the science of leptin. And that’s where we’re going now…..

Reviewing How This Diet Plan Works

Obviously, the amount of energy your body’s fat stores can provide depends on how much body fat you have in the first place. Clearly, if you have a lot of fat, then you should be able to make up more calories from it than a woman with less fat.

And the basic plan when dieting is that the calories you’re eating are less than your body requires for your day-to-day activities. The difference is made up from your fat stores.

I think everybody knows that much! It’s like dieting 101!

And you’ll lose your body fat more quickly if you’re exercising as well as dieting — again, an obvious statement!

However, there is a catch which you may not know about. As you lose more and more fat, your body’s ability to release fat from its fat stores decreases.

Which means the more fat you have on your body to start with, the lower you can go with your calorie intake and the longer you can eat a restricted diet without experiencing any adverse consequences.

However, when you’re getting towards the end of your diet and your body fat levels are quite low, you need to be eating rather more food, to make the difference between your calorie intake and your calorie consumption smaller.

Not many people know that, and they actually diet in a way that doesn’t match the physiology of their bodies. The Venus diet is different. I hope my review has shown you how different it is!

That’s why the Venus Factor software, into which you enter some personal details about your weight and shape and size and height, will review and recalculate for you on a week by week basis exactly what you need to be eating and exactly what exercise you need to be taking.

So you have simple instructions about both YOUR best diet for weight loss and YOUR best exercise to lose weight.

(But please remember that you may have elected NOT to do the exercise part of the program: not everybody does – some just use the diet plan.)

I hope that’s clear. What I’m trying to get across is that the preparation, and the logic and thoroughness of your Venus Factor diet plan are backed up by scientific research and knowledge. Like I said before, it’s a safe diet.

And its safety is summed up in what is termed Your Optimum Rate of Weight Loss or (ORWL).

Essentially your “Optimum Rate of Weight Loss” varies according to how much fat you’ve lost. It changes from week to week as you go through the Venus Factor program. That’s why a weekly assessment is a good idea. This make sure that you are eating the correct number of calories to give yourself the maximum chance of losing weight in any week of the program.