Reviews Of Venus

Weight Loss For Women

You can see what a controversial subject weight loss for women is when you look at the community message boards, where every shade of opinion comes up in response to a question which is really quite simple: “can someone tell me what this plan is all about?” She is referring, of course, to Venus Factor.

As always, the first people to respond seem to be the naysayers: “There is no miracle, ever, it’s all sweat, blood and hard work and the desire to want it badly enough.”

Venus Factor
No matter what your objectives, you have to have a certain mindset to get them!

I guess people who respond with something like this may be very single-minded, and understand the value of intention and commitment, but it’s not a helpful answer to somebody wanting a genuine review, and honest review, of the Venus Factor.

And you can see how people’s established positions feed into what they write on forums like this, because somebody who signs herself as a certified personal and group fitness trainer, kickboxing certified instructor, lists various other fitness qualifications and signs off with a statement that she’s been in the fitness industry for 30 years (and studied kinesiology and nutrition!), states: “This is a program appealing to females and just another BS pseudoscience operation built to make money from those who want an easier way. Sorry, but getting fit and lean takes a lot of work and consistency. That’s the secret.”

Again, what an unhelpful response! What the original poster was requesting was information. What she got here was not information, it was mere opinion.

Happily though, the next responder says something about Venus Factor (VF) rather than just reciting her own prejudices. She makes the point that VF is focused on aesthetic outcomes rather than functional strength.

Venus Diet Plan - esthetic rather than muscle building
Venus Factor is focused on aesthetic outcome, not functional strength.

Well, fair enough, because most women don’t really want functional strength, they are in the weight loss arena for an esthetic improvement – they want to look good, frankly.

And sure, if there are strength and fitness gains, then they’ll take that as well, but it is important to realize that Venus Factor isn’t sold on the same basis as the equivalent program for men by the same team (the Adonis Golden Ratio) – it’s sold on the basis of women getting the body they want.

And as this experienced person – who has actually bought The Venus Factor – says, they have a good mix of “recommended exercises designed for women, which are focused on lifting with some cardio. You can see what you’re doing from podcasts, and an integrative website is available too, together with other bonuses.”

Now that’s much more helpful.

Losing Weight Is Easy? Or Is It?

And then we get onto some really useful information about Venus Factor from somebody who has used it successfully.

She starts by posting a review that says “I can tell you, it is so worth it. And of course it’s not a miracle system,” she admits, “it is still calories in calories out, but it makes tracking calories in and out easy.”

(By the way, there are various systems available online which help you to track calories – including one on the community website, as well as various others. Anyway, I digress.)

So as this reviewer says, Venus Factor is based on an esthetic target, which gives you something to aim for rather than “just willy-nilly dieting or working out”.

And she makes the valuable point that while using programs like BeachBody helped her to get fit, she put on both muscle and fat, and bulked up in the wrong places.

But Venus Factor helped her to put on muscle in the right places because she was training for a specific look.

Then she goes into the history of how she used it: two years ago she used it to lose around fifteen pounds, and completely reconfigure her body. Without studying the maintenance aspect of Venus Factor, she rebounded and put on thirty pounds – not all fat, she says, she retained some muscle; but she’s gone back to Venus Factor and is now using the principles to steadily lose weight again.

Venus Is NOT BS!

woman on a diet
Self discipline is everything!

She makes the point that the Venus Index definitely isn’t BS. The evidence of what a good weight loss program it is lies in a video blog which shows you the results from the monthly contests which the Venus Factor community holds – and concludes by saying that although it’s hard work, it is definitely not BS, and it’s definitely worth it.

The final observation she makes is that the VF community is absolutely invaluable. And I can confirm that – the women in the Venus Factor community are indeed helpful and encouraging, ready to lift up newbies who get discouraged and overwhelmed.

Nowhere else in the world of fitness and exercise programs have I come across anything so supportive. There is a one-time fee to access the community, the software, and information about exercise and calorie intake, with all the information about the workouts, and any updates to the workouts.

In old posts, you’ll see people talk about a $79 per month fee for another program associated with Venus Factor – an add-on – called Immersion, which is now, I believe, being sold for much less, and in any case is really for the hard-core body shapers.

Another reviewer says that she bought the program and the 85 page eBook which explained the Venus Factor, and explains that it contains sensible information about the female body, metabolic rate, calories, diet and exercise.

This woman makes an interesting point – which is that Venus Factor has given her back her own point of view, so she can follow her own good sense about a personal weight loss program: she describes the VF as “a sea of rules, opinions, and advice from dieting programs, all simplified into some good practical guidelines.”

In fairness she does make the observation that she gets a lot of sales emails promoting special offers and supplementary things to buy – but you can unsubscribe from those emails and stick to the basic program first and foremost.

As she concludes: “Not a miracle, the VF is a practical way of watching calories, food intake, coming up with a great exercise program specifically designed to guide you on to successful path to losing weight and shaping the body you want to have.”

Another reviewer says that the Venus Factor does a good job of opening your eyes to some of the things that you didn’t know or haven’t thought of – there is a good amount of deep analysis and research behind it, and the routines are easy to follow.

And it stands to reason, when you think about it: of course people are fond of saying “there are no miracles and you have to do the work!” because they are right!

However, there are plenty of good diet and weight loss programs out there, and they do NOT have to be insane and demanding. This reviewer also points out that there are other programs which have the same sort of philosophy as VF – such as Visual Impact.

Just to conclude this brief review, I found one woman on the community discussion who was one week into her Venus Factor program, and stated quite clearly, “there is sweat and hard work involved, although the workout routine is laid out for you”. She works out three days a week. She’s lost 5 pounds in a week. Not a miracle, but since she’s going to stick with the goal of losing 4 dress sizes over time, that hardly matters.

This woman is in it for the long haul – and she’s basically saying she can stay in it for the long haul because Venus factor will support her!

The program outlines how many calories you should be eating in a day to lose weight or maintain your weight; it describes how much protein you should have in a day; and it explains how leptin (which controls a female metabolism) plays into your weight loss goals. The program, she points out (as we do!) is all about tailoring weight loss guidelines to suit women’s natural fat burning capabilities.

Woman losing weight successfully
Loving food and maintaining shape are not incompatible with Venus Factor.

Final point: she also says, quite correctly, you can eat whatever you want, although it’s smarter to eat what is filling and avoid taking in calories in, say, beverages. Then she’s comes straight to the point: “I think the real issue is that success depends on the person – some people have a goal in mind and go for it. Others need a community to support them or their own mindset will defeat them.” How very true!