Venus Factor: The Need For Diet Or Exercise Reviewed

One of  the best things about the Venus Factor is how you can tailor it so you get the body shape you want.

And, believe it or not, they’re providing help to EVERY SINGLE WOMAN who takes the program – by showing you exactly how to adapt the system to YOUR individual body metabolism and personal requirements.

That’s fantastic, and it’s the kind of backup and support I haven’t seen anywhere else with weight loss programs on the Internet.

Author John Barban also makes the point that it’s incredibly important that the Venus Factor can fit into your existing lifestyle. We’re all short of time these days, and you certainly don’t have 6 to 8 hours a day to work on getting the right body shape and weight!

So here’s the second big thing that sets the Venus Factor apart from every other system that claims to help you lose weight: The Venus Factor is practical, and above all it’s simple.


Diet plan - venus factor
Having clear goals is essential when you start using any diet plan. What do you want your target weight to be?

Now, to be honest, they do admit that simple does not necessarily mean easy. Because, when it comes to losing weight, there will be points where you feel challenged. And that, of course, is where the forums, the interactivity, the podcasts, the mutual support, and the possibility of connecting with all the other Venus Factor members comes in!

One of the members, Beth Hill, who looks from a photograph to be a very trim middle-aged lady, writes a testimonial at the start of the 12 week weight loss program. This is what she says: “I’m so thrilled with the changes that have taken place in my 12 week Venus Factor weight loss program. I have tried it all, and struggled to make anything work long-term. Venus factor is what I’ve been looking for. 

It’s not prepackaged. It’s not a pharmaceutical secret. It’s not a list of rules, it’s not a temporary fix, and it’s not a fraud preying on human weakness. It’s secret lies in eating the foods I choose to eat on a smaller scale, and simply challenging my muscles more and more. It’s also about not eating when I’m not hungry, and controlling my calories for when I do want to eat. It’s not about fitness for the physically fit – its fitness to create fitness. And it’s a personal commitment with no strings attached.”

She puts this beautifully. The Venus Factor is no ordinary weight loss program. Beth actually talks about her spiritual and emotional transformation: she’s found her self-esteem, her motivation, and her optimism. She has felt her health and well-being dramatically improve, and she’s back to her old self, the woman she always was!

She’s optimistic and excited about the years ahead of her, and she’s experiencing joy — she calls it “being high on life”!

Now, if the Venus factor program can do this for Beth, it can do it for everyone, including you.

You really can have it all. You can have the weight that you wish, you can have the shape that you wish, and you can actually change the look and shape of your body, in whatever way you want.

And you can do it with the help of all the other Venuses in the community. For example, you can talk to the winners of the Venus transformation contest winners and you can find out just exactly what they had to do to become their ideal weight.

You can listen to their podcast interviews, and you can find out every step of the path they took to get the ideal body that they’re now so proud of.

woman using the weight loss program checking her vital statisticsYou can even listen to how they managed to overcome their personal struggles on the way to getting a body that can truly be described as a Venus body. (No wonder women in the program call themselves “the Venuses”. After all, Venus was the Goddess of Love! Here she is, on the right .)

Even better, many of the experienced Venuses in the program will actually coach and help the new ladies to see them through the process. The friendship and bonding that goes on here is extraordinary.

And when you have your very own check-in buddy (if you want one, that is), she’s going to be able to offer you text message accountability.

That means is she’ll check in with you whether you’ve actually fulfilled your commitments.

And if you want to get more personal still, you can actually meet Venuses in your area and go out for discussions, walks and friendships, not to mention working out together – if that’s what you choose to do.

There are meet ups, supportive telephone conferences, and of course a forum in which you can connect with each other.

So you really do have a head start here!

Before you’ve even begun on the weight loss program you’re surrounded by a community that is about as supportive as it is possible to imagine.

One of the things I really like about the Venus Factor is that it talks about balance: we all know how important balance is in life, for example balance between work and home, between career and family, between friendships and relationships, and between living a relaxed life and working on getting the body you want.

None of these things are either/or. And with the Venus Factor you can actually live a normal life, and still expect to get the body you want in 12 weeks.

There’s nothing extreme about this, there’s nothing fanatical about it.

This really looks like one of the most realistic and delightful weight loss programs I have ever seen.

And now I want to move on to other aspects of what the Venus Factor has to offer.


The Venus Factor Diet & Slimming Plan

In Other Words: To Exercise or Not To Exercise?

Getting in shape can be a two-part process.

The first part is weight loss and fat removal – which is where the 12 week dietary program of the Venus Factor comes in. You have to do this part of the program!

No Fasting Required With Venus Factor!
Diet and exercise are all part of the program.
Venus offers you the perfect combination of exercise and dietary modification.
Venus offers you the perfect combination of exercise and dietary modification.

The second part is body shaping and muscle toning – which is where the 12 week exercise program of the Venus Factor comes in. However, this part of the program is optional.

Andrea used both the diet and exercise programs.

Here are Andrea’s results with the Venus Factor:

She says:  “I’d tried everything: the low carb diet, weight loss and diet pills, fat burning foods, extreme weight loss programs, and just about every other way to lose weight you can think of. In the end I tried a juice diet, which left me weak, and a crash diet, which made me feel ill. Maybe the only thing I didn’t try was fasting! Just when it was all getting a touch crazy, a friend tipped me off about the Venus Factor diet, and I’ve never looked back since. It can provide all the motivation to diet I need, there’s no complex weight loss plans to follow, and there’s a massively supportive community and help line, too.”

Read more about the Venus Diet Plan on our website!

Sidebar: One good form of exercise – Pilates. This has nothing to do with The Venus Factor, by the way! I just thought you might be interested.