The Venus Factor and Food

The Venus Factor Makes Dieting Fun!

In this exciting Venus Factor Review we’ve seen how The Venus Factor involves a tailored low calorie diet (but not so low its a challenge!) and an exercise plan.

Lets now look at the exercise plan in more detail.


Basically, the program increases the level of exercise you take each week.

That way, your body can more easily burn off the excess fat you want to see disappear.

But like I said above, motivation is critical: so while your goal is weight loss, and calories are the only thing that count, you can still eat whatever food you want as an ongoing part of your diet.

In fact, you can eat anything you like, including greens, fruit, dairy, meat and protein of all kinds, processed foods, even junk food, candy and fast food! This isn’t just about choosing foods for weight loss. It’s about the right diet to lose weight fast. The right diet for you.

But of course you need to apply a certain level of intelligence. In other words, you need to regulate theamount that you’re eating.

Fortunately, when you use this system that’s exactly what you can do.

By now you can probably see how Venus Factor Diet is a proven way to lose weight based on sound science. The theory behind it is well known, is proven to work, and the diet itself is adaptable for every woman who tries it.

YouTube Video – John Barban and Kyle Leon 

So what makes Venus Factor Diet work is this – it is designed specifically for women. Barban has reviewed the science and the experience and has discovered what makes dieting work so well for so many women

And the secret is the fat burning hormone its called leptin. Women’s bodies use leptin in a different way to men’s bodies. It’s absolutely no use trying a diet which is supposed to work for both sexes! There’s no possibility of success.

That’s why John Barban has designed this diet plan SPECIFICALLY for women. It accelerates fat loss in women, and it uses metabolism boosters that are suited to women’s physiology.

How Easy Is It To Lose Weight This Way?

Short Answer: You can easily lose weight with the Venus Factor Diet.

You see, it isn’t just an exercise program described for the gym fanatics among us. Your Venus Factor diet manual includes a great deal of information about different kinds of food, and their calorific value.

Why? Well, as should be clear by now, this diet isn’t just about weaning yourself off fatty foods. Far from it, in fact!

You see, fat is an essential food for the human body. What matters is how much fat you eat, and more to the point perhaps, that you eat the right kind of fat.

It’s actually much more about exploring the qualities of different kinds of foods, discovering which are good for your health, which ones will help you to lose weight, and which ones will help  you maintain  a reasonable weightafter you come off the Venus plan.

So your Venus Factor diets don’t require you to give up fat altogether. This is for two reasons: first, it’s simply not necessary, and second, the really important principle here is finding the correct balance of different kinds of foods, and eating the things that are right for you and your metabolism.

In practice, using a well-reviewed and tested Venus Factor Diet Sheet (well, actually a program on the computer) gives you a lot of simple information you can use to decide which kinds of food you should be eating and in what quantities.

But there is lots of other information too: would you, for example, think it a good idea to miss a meal altogether?

Possibly, but in fact people who miss meals experience a phenomenon called “ego depletion”. (Which is why fasting or even crash diets or “fast diets” do not work.)

In other words, if you wait a long time between meals, it becomes progressively harder and harder to resist the urge to eat.

So why miss a meal at all, since you’re actually going to experience a rebound effect, and possibly end up eating more than you would have done without missing the meal?

These are the kinds of things Barban describes in detail in the Venus manual, and they make really interesting reading and in reviewing many diets, I have to say that this is the one that makes most sense on every level.

To increase your sense of power over your body, and your plans for dieting, here’s an interesting video:

The Venus Program Works !

Everything mentioned in this video is explained with your Venus Factor Diet in a simple and easy to understand way.

There is huge amount of compassion and understanding in the writing of John Barban.

He certainly understands women’s needs, and he clearly understands the psychology of looking good, feeling fit, body shaping, exercise, and dieting and weight loss.

Perhaps that’s another reason why a lot of diet plans don’t work — they’re designed for men, or by men, without a true understanding of women’s nutritional needs  around losing weight.

Bear in mind that if something is billed as “your best exercise to lose weight” or “an easy way to lose weight” or even something ridiculous like “how to lose 20 pounds in a week”, there’s probably some element of male competitiveness or bravado at work — and that probably means it ain’t going to work for you as a woman.

John Barban certainly understands that men and women’s bodies are very different, that their metabolic rates are different, that their physiology is different.

He also understands that the psychology of the best approach to weight loss is different for men and women.

So, many thanks to John Barban for setting out the emotional and psychological principles behind dieting, and then coming up with a diet plan that not only provides great diet recipes which women will love and which offers an easy way to lose weight, but also for focusing on the crucial issue of calories and weight loss.

By the way, even if you knew how to lose 20 pounds in a week, it’s not a good idea to try doing it! Any crash diet like this won’t be designed for female physiology, and, compared to a personalized Venus Factor Diet plan, it certainly won’t be designed around the critical operation of the fat burning hormone leptin and how it works in a woman’s body.

Excited? You Should Be!

One of the reasons this is all so exciting for me is that I’ve seen it work!

My own partner has a struggle with her weight, and always has done. I think she’s like a lot of women, in that it’s all too easy to put weight on, but it’s not so easy to lose it.

In fact over the years her weight has fluctuated up and down, but she has not been able to achieve consistent weight loss over time.

But this diet was a revelation to her – as soon as we saw it, and the scientific basis behind it, she knew this was a diet plan that could work for her.

She felt the power of this plan, designed for women who want to both lose weight and tone up and shape their bodies.

And while we might think that scientific logic is one of the compelling reasons why men would want to use a diet program, the truth is that women also want to see some proof that a formula like this weight loss system actually works.

And so when you read the basic manual for this 12 week weight loss plan, you’ll see how beautifully all the science is set out in a logical way, backed up by a true understanding of feminine psychology.

And I don’t think you need to be a scientist to appreciate that something that’s been proven beyond doubt by scientific experiments is going to be better than some short-lived dietary fad!

Even so,  here’s an example of what I’m talking about.

A scientific paper in the Journal Of Molecular Cell Endocrinology, published in 2010 by B. R.Thompson showed the mechanism by which fat is processed in both men and women’s bodies.

He demonstrated how fat released from the fat stores in men and women can be recycled back into storage in the male and female body. He also showed how a woman’s body has evolved to store fat, as a defence against hard times.

Using  scientific information like this, John Barban and his fellow authors of the Venus Factor have written a weight loss program which is designed specifically for women’s physiology.