The Venus Factor Final Phase (A Review)

The Venus Factor Final Phase

You might ask why, if the Venus Factor is so good, there’s another optional purchase called the Venus Factor Final Phase.

It’s a great question.

Here’s how it is explained by John Barban, author of the Venus Factor Diet and Exercise Program: “Now that you’ve completed the main Venus Factor program you should be much leaner, and well on your way to your ideal Venus shape. There are some nutritional techniques that you can apply when you’re closing in on your ideal figure that work with a leaner body to further accelerate fat loss and finalize your condition. Along with the 12 week workout program, this manual will show you diet and nutrition techniques for refining your body and getting you to the next level of conditioning.”

The essence of “the final phase” is that it relies on the changes that have taken place in your body in the first phase of the Venus Factor.

After 12 weeks following the program, your body should be better at metabolizing burning fat, using carbs for energy, and using protein for muscle maintenance.

Those changes mean that you can do something extra after three months which will accelerate and improve your body fitness and shape. And that’s the “Venus Final Phase”.

To look like this you have to start somewhere. It's a picture of what you can achieve if you put your mind to it.... not a picture of a VF client. Real user pictures appear on the official VF website.
To look like this you have to start somewhere. It’s a picture of what you can achieve if you put your mind to it….(Please note, this is not a picture of a VF client. Real user pictures appear on the official VF website.)

But I want to emphasize that buying into this is completely optional – there’s no need to buy into the final phase. In a way it’s for women who really want to get the best body shape possible. And are prepared to work at it.

Probably, for the majority of women, this isn’t necessary.

However, if you’re at all interested, I suggest you buy into it – and remember that you have a money-back guarantee which is valid for 60 days. During that period you can check out if you actually want to pursue the principles of the VF Final Phase.

That said, let’s get into the meat of the program. Just what does the Final Phase actually offer?

To start with, there’s some great information about choosing the foods that most suit your body. For example, we all know that certain carbohydrates will affect people in different ways. Anything that gives you bloating, stomach distension, or any form of gastrointestinal upset is something that you’d best avoid, because it’s a carbohydrate that you can’t metabolize well.

Choosing the right combination of crabs, protein and fat for your body is a massive step forward in looking and feeling good.
Choosing the right combination of carbs, protein and fat for your body is a massive step forward in looking and feeling good.

So finding out which carbs actually cause you a problem is essential. That way, you can adapt your diet to increase your carbohydrate intake while at the same time avoiding anything’s going to give you problems.

And to help in this, there’s a whole load of information about the qualities of different carbohydrates, including wheat, potatoes, grains and pasta.

There’s also great information on how to identify particular carbohydrate is causing your problem – and also the subtle symptoms that you might not be associated with carbohydrate sensitivity, such as flaky scalp.

Gluten Insensitivity

We’ve all heard of gluten, a protein found in wheat, but what you may not know is that actually mild sensitivity to gluten is actually very common – it occurs in between 5 and 10% of the population.

Of course the ultimate form of allergy to gluten is Celiac Disease – and you’ll know if you have that because the symptoms are unpleasant! But you may not know if you have milder sensitivity.

John Barban tells you how to find out, what to do about it. This can be critical in not only maintaining good health, but in allowing your body to metabolize carbohydrates effectively.

Proteins and Fats

Following on from the information on carbohydrate and gluten sensitivity, John provides some information on proteins and fats.

This includes where you get these macronutrients (which is what they are called), as well as  which of the various fats, carbohydrates and proteins are essential, and which can be avoided.

For vegetarians, where protein intake may be an issue, John makes really useful suggestions about different aspects of protein intake.

Vegetarian diets are thought of as healthy but may actually cause weight gain if they contain lots of fatty seeds and nuts.
Vegetarian diets are thought of as healthy but may actually cause weight gain if they contain lots of fatty seeds and nuts.

For example, vegetarians often turn to nuts, seeds, beans and legumes as a source of protein. This is not ideal for somebody who is trying to maintain a lean body or lose weight. These foods are extremely high in calories, and they also have a lot of fat in them.

In an attempt to gain enough protein by eating nuts and seeds, a vegetarian person can actually put weight on!

These are issues that are taken very seriously in the Venus Factor Diet, and John explains how to deal with them.

Even for non-vegetarians, the essence of the correct balance of carbohydrate fat and protein is essential: and the guidelines which John provides should allow you to get round any difficulties you are experiencing about balancing your diet and taking in the foods that your body needs.

We all know about fats, but the interesting thing is that some fats are absolutely essential to good health. Again, John takes you through an explanation which you need, and why you should take them. That also includes the supplements omega-3,6,9 fats.

The Venus Factor Final Phase

So let’s not evade the real issue here: this is a fairly demanding workout routine for 12 weeks. There are three cycles which you engage with in sequence for 4 weeks at at time.

The free videos provide you with full illustrations and instructions on how to do each set of exercises.

As you’d expect from a professional of the standard of John Barban, the regular sets service as a warmup in preparation for the supersets.

1-1 (2)This is a workout style which allows you to work each muscle group in multiple ranges, getting the benefit of strength conditioning as well as cardiovascular exercise in the same workout.

Some diets and exercise plans give you a set of vague instructions and leave you to get on with it.

But The Venus Factor Final Phase not only gives you every single exercise in every single routine on every single day of the 12 week program, but it also gives you clear instruction and explanation about how you should combine exercise and rest to achieve the maximum benefit for body toning and shaping.

Of course if you don’t actually need the Final Phase guide at all if your objective is simply to lose weight, trim off excess body fat and tone up.

This really is for people who want to take it to the next level and get a really defined body.

You see, leaving aside the fact that men and women are meant to have very different body shapes, there’s definitely something around the feminine form which I think both men and women alike would recognize. It’s about the proportion of fat that makes a woman look her best.

Having said that, this is all personal choice.

And The Final Phase 94 page PDF manual will give you all the tips you need to take your body to the next level.

It comes in two sections, the first Is “Advanced Nutritional Techniques When You Are Close to Your Ideal Figure”and the second is “Advanced Workout Techniques to Further Shape and Tone Muscles”.

There are certain techniques used and developed in the Final Phase which you will come across in the main Venus Factor program. This combination of exercise and diet is very specifically designed for the maximum toning and shaping of the body and it’s all explained in detail. So are the workouts that go with it.

I should just emphasize again in the original Venus Factor plan you don’t actually need to do the exercise program – you can just treat The Venus Factor as a diet.

But if you are keen on working out, you might want to take these techniques into the Final Phase.  Here, you have three exercise cycles, each which takes four weeks to complete, making it a 12 week program in total.

These workouts not only help tune your body shape to the finest it can be, but they also improve your cardiovascular conditioning, strength endurance, and your muscle strength.

Look and feel good at every level with Venus Final Phase!
Look and feel good at every level. Who knows, if you adopt the Venus Final Phase you might look like this!