Venus Factor Is Based On Real Science

The Venus Factor works as a fat loss, slimming system because it takes account of the biological differences between men and women’s bodies. In fact, it’s a rapid weight loss system designed specifically for women.

The difference between men and women’s ability to lose weight lies in many things, of course, but two of the most important factors are our hormones: men have testosterone and women have estrogen. And as a result, men and women have very different levels of body fat.

Most women’s target healthy range for body fat is between 20 and 30%, whereas most men’s is between 10 and 20%. That’s why a different approach is needed to weight loss for women and men.

And it has to be scientific.  The Venus Factor is based on proven science.  The science of a natural bodily hormone called LEPTIN.

Now, as you may already know, leptin is another critically important body hormone. It determines how easy it is for men and women to lose weight and maintain the desired shape.

I’ve actually done some research on leptin on the Internet, because my background is in natural sciences. In fact, I have a degree in science from the University of Oxford, so I’m well-placed to check out scientific claims in programs like the Venus Factor.

In case you’ve never heard of leptin before coming across the Venus factor, here’s what Wikipedia says:  Leptin is a 16-kDa adipokine that plays a key role in regulating energy intake and expenditure, including appetite and hunger, metabolism, and behavior. It is one of the most important adipose-derived hormones.

In short, leptin is a hormone made by fat tissue that acts on the brain to regulate food intake and body weight. It is what causes you to burn fat. The higher your leptin efficiency, the more fat you burn off. Simple. 

The discovery and investigation of leptin took place over several years in the early 2000s. But what does it actually do? Again, from Wikipedia:

logo for wikipediaLeptin is a peptide hormone expressed, synthesized and secreted by adipose tissue in proportion to its mass. This hormone circulates in blood and acts on the hypothalamus to regulate food intake and energy expenditure. When fat mass falls, plasma leptin levels fall stimulating appetite and suppressing energy expenditure until fat mass is restored. When fat mass increases, leptin levels increase, suppressing appetite until weight is lost. This physiological system ensures that total energy stores are stably maintained within a relatively narrow range. The identification of a physiologic system that controls energy balance also establishes a biologic basis for obesity.

So the Venus Factor is beginning to look really interesting. It works by using the body’s own fat burning hormone….

And since I’ve investigated the scientific articles about leptin in some detail, I can tell you with 100% certainty that when a diet impacts leptin levels in the body – or when you do something that increases the efficiency of leptin in your body – you can stop your body laying down fat and make it release fat instead.

And that’s why the Venus Factor, which does exactly that, is such an exciting approach to weight loss.

We have to go way, way beyond the limited view that if you exercise you lose weight.

The fact is, exercise may not make you lose weight if your leptin isn’t making your body release fat.

In that case, you need to make your body release fat – and you can do that by finding a way to make your body respond better to the leptin it already has!

I’m really excited by this because it has so much scientific proof behind it. In short, the Venus Factor, which works by increasing leptin efficiency,  is based on proven scientific principles. Most importantly, it’s safe. (I’ll give you some references to scientific articles later on so that you can see this for yourself if you’re interested.*)

Not that you need to know – but here’s a part of the leptin molecule.

part of the leptin molecule

And if you want to investigate the science, it’s pretty well described in Wikipedia, and Google scholar is full of scientific articles on the subject.

I won’t revisit all the science here, because that’s not appropriate for a short review site, but basically what you need to know is this:

Leptin controls fat metabolism and its level goes up and down in different circumstances. Leptin is produced and released by body fat and one of its many duties is to signal your brain to recognize the amount of fat on your body.

It is also released in response to eating and tells your brain how much food you’ve just ingested. It also responds to exercise intensity and duration. 

This means that if you can manipulate your leptin levels, then you can influence the way in which your body lays down all releases fat stores.

The Venus factor gives you four different ways to increase your sensitivity to leptin, which basically means four different ways to lose weight.

(And you do this without dramatic increases in your leptin, because that will produce massive food and carbohydrate cravings.)

So the main idea behind the Venus Factor is all about increasing your sensitivity to leptin.

And you can actually use food levels to restore leptin to appropriate, consistent and effective levels. That means it never drops too far – very important because when this happens, the effect is to signal the brain to search out fatty food.

leptin cycle

* Scientific article: