The Virtual Nutritionist

Calorie deficit.

That’s what your Venus Factor Diet plan –  a 12 week weight loss program – is all about. 

Your calorie deficit is the difference between the calories in your food and the calories you use every day. (This is your “deficit number”.)

To lose weight, you must consume fewer calories than you expend. You get the extra calories from the fat stored in your body. That way, you lose weight. Simple? Yes, but only up to a point.

You see, the amount of energy you can get from fat depends on how much body fat you have. If you have a lot of fat, you’re able to fulfil a large calorie deficit. If you have less fat, your body finds it harder to use the fat you have for energy.

If things were ideal, then that gap would be filled by energy derived from the fat in your body. But, like I said, the problem is that the more fat you lose, the less easy it is to release energy from the fat remaining in your body.

The consequence of this is that most people “diet backwards”: they eat the wrong amounts at different times in their diet.

You see, when you have lots of body fat, you can go very low with your calories, and not experience any ill effects.

However, as you reach the end of your diet, and approach your target weight, the difference between the calories in the food you’re eating and the calories you’re expending needs to be lower and lower, because energy is not available from fat stored in your body to the same degree.

Now in that statement there is a superb example of the preparation, the detail and the skill with which your Venus Factor diet has been prepared. I hope this perfectly demonstrates why this is the supreme diet and weight loss program for women on the market right now.

Another aspect of this diet which might surprise you is this.

Obviously, the rate at which your fat is released, or burned, to provide the energy deficit while you diet, should represent the optimum rate of weight loss for you.

You can exceed this, if you try, by using a crash diet, but all you will do is lose lean muscle mass and water from your body

That means that you will change the size and shape of your body, and you will interfere with your energy balance in a bad way.

You can’t force your body to lose weight faster than it naturally will do unless you use powerful drugs.

That means that your weight loss target should be determined by your optimum weight loss rate.

Your goal of course should be to optimize how quickly you lose weight, and to match your calorie deficit with the maximum rate of potential fat loss for any given body fat percentage.

But because that changes as your body fat percentage changes, a weekly assessment is essential: in fact, a weekly assessment of how much fat there is left on your body is essential to calculate your optimum calorie intake for that week.

(Remember that you will never be able to eat below your fat availability level until you get noticeably lean. At these higher levels of body fat it would be nearly impossible to create an energy deficit that exceeds your fat availability.)

A Review Is This Diet Safe?

One of the interesting things about any diet is whether or not it’s been written by people who are aware of the safety aspects. That’s not always the case, sadly. A lot of diets suggest that extreme rapid weight loss is possible through “crash dieting”.

However,  as we’ve just seen, the problem is that, unlike the Venus Factor, these diets are going to cause you to lose lean muscle mass.

Does this mean Venus is safer than other diets?

In a word, yes.

The 12 week program that comes with your venus factor diet is designed so that it works in harmony with your body.

It’s specifically designed to control your metabolism in a way that influences the level of leptin in your body — and, as you know, leptin is the hormone that controls the level of fat in your body. More specifically, it controls whether fat is burnt off or laid down.

Bearing in mind that John Barban has a scientific background, you won’t be surprised to learn thatthe 12 week exercise program of the VF diet plan sets out precisely what exercise you need to do on a week by week basis to reach your body’s optimum rate of weight loss.

Equally, the VF also calculates the optimum calorie  intake for you on a week by week basis. 

In fact, the protocol set out in each week of the 12 week program is adjusted to your own requirements using specially written Venus Calculator Software (supplied free of charge as part of your membership).

This is what John Barban calls your Venus Factor virtual nutritionist. You can see it reviewed on another page of this site.

It’s a free software program that you get when you sign up with your membership, and its purpose is to calculate two important numbers.

First, your deficit number – from which is derived the number of calories that you should be eating to fit with your current body measurements and maximize your rate of fat loss.

And second, your maintenance number – which is the number of calories you can eat on a “maintenance regime”, to stay at to maintain optimum fitness and attractiveness.

Obviously the maintenance number is the number of calories that mean you neither gain weight nor lose weight.

The 12 week diet program involves using both your deficit number and your maintenance number according to the various week by week protocols.

All of this means that there solid, proven science behind the diet plan. This is, in short, one of the best weight loss plans in existence.

It’s safe, it’s effective, and it’s well thought out, because it works in harmony with your body, leaves nothing to your imagination, and doesn’t allow for the possibility of crash dieting or starvation.

Help! All That Science Is Driving Me Mad!

Having said all of that, you might be thinking this review of the material in this factorial diet sounds a bit complicated!

However the truth is that the VF is neither complicated nor difficult in any way.

Use it properly and you WILL continue to lose weight regularly, consistently, and easily, over the 12 week period of the diet.

The diet and weight loss tips are all set out in detail in the program. All YOU have to do is put certain numbers — i.e. your measurements each week — into the software each week, and it will review the data and out will come very concise and simple sheet instructions about your diet and exercise program for that week.

And if you’re not a software buff, don’t worry, because the program includes full instructions on how to use the software. (Good news: I’ve tried it and it’s very simple.)

What it all amounts to is that over the entire period of the diet you get complete instructions on how much to eat, what to eat, and when to eat it, to enable you to achieve the fastest and safest weight loss without losing lean muscle mass.