Venus Factor Reviews

One thing you might have noticed if you’ve been looking for Venus Factor reviews is that they seem to be few and far between.

At least, honest and independent reviews are few and far between!

I’ve looked into this and I now understand that people using the Venus Factor Diet don’t review it in open forums on the Internet because they have a very good community forum all of their own! Here, members of the Venus community can discuss everything among themselves.

Venus factor review
Those in the know go for the Venus Factor when they want to lose weight!

Sadly, I can’t reproduce extracts from the Venus community forums because the material is copyright. Instead, I can reproduce some of the (very few) discussions I’ve found on open forums on the Internet.

Venus Diet Reviewed

Before I do that, however, I want to mention that Venus Factor Diet  community has thousands of users, none of whom feel the need to complain about the Venus Factor in any way!

That’s a testimony to many things:

  • the support people get from the community
  • the support people get from the Venus factor trained support staff, with a 24/7 response
  • the level of help and assistance that is available in the community forums
  • the fact that everybody gets their questions answered
  • the absence of negative comments and reviews testifies to the strength of the Venus factor
  • the high level of customer service
  • the effectiveness of the program
  • and above all, the fact that the Venus factor actually works!

Here’s how you might look before and after the Venus Factor (illustration only).

These are illustrations of possible results only, not real user results.

Before and after the Venus factor
Results shown may not be typical and are not intended to represent a specific user of the Venus diet, but rather serves as an indication of what is possible for the serious user.


Yes, as you can see, I am a fan of it. You can use the Venus Factor Diet programs to lose a great deal of weight – maybe as much as 35 pounds over a period of six months or so.

But of course one person’s success isn’t testimony to the success of the program for everybody – we need to dig a bit further into the Venus Factor reviews which are available and see what people are saying about it.

How Women Review The Venus Diet

Two of the places where you can find a few independent reviews are the my fitness pal and spark people forums.

Cut out fatty food! Lose weight fast! It's certainly all possible with VF!
Cut out fatty food! Lose weight fast! It’s certainly all possible with VF!

Let’s have a look at some of those independent reviews and see what the people who have actually used the Venus Factor have to say about it.

First of all one woman called Debs Green talks about her own experience. Like a lot of people, she says that she tried many other diets and “copious amounts of cardio” but to no avail.

I think her problem was one familiar to many users of modern slimming plans and diets – many crash and low carb diets are so depriving of calories, that people’s hunger gets to a point where they give into temptation and just stuff themselves with food, thereby reducing or eliminating all of the benefits they might already have experienced from the diet.

What Mrs Green is saying in her review is that the Venus Factor is different because it’s about eating sensibly.

In other words, besides sensible nutritious meal plans of slightly reduced calories, you are shown how to cut out empty calories (that is to say, the calories you just consume thoughtlessly throughout the day – like chips and chocolate and sweets and candies, or the sugar in fruit juice and other similar drinks), AS WELL AS how to eat smaller portions and maintain a close watch on the total amount of calories you are eating, with the help of the Venus Factor Nutritional App.

It’s obvious that if you eat less or you eat in a more controlled way – i.e. you choose what to eat more carefully – you can lose weight. It’s also obvious that if you eat in a way that suits your metabolism, you can minimize hunger, which in turn reduces the likelihood of you gorging or overeating.

That’s exactly what your personal the Venus Factor Diet does – your nutritional program is specifically designed for you, your daily routine, and your individual body physiology.

So far so good. But what about exercise?

Debs makes the observation that the workouts are not compulsory, but they do speed up weight loss.

She found a combination of “compound movements” that differ from workout to workout was very helpful in keeping her motivation high. And it’s not a struggle, she says, to stick to an exercise program that overall is no more than medium intensity.

In fact, she observes, this program needn’t be a struggle for anybody, because even newbies can find the time to exercise for 45 minutes three days a week.

Even better, those three days can be distributed in any pattern through the week, and once you learn the routine you can set them up in a way that suits you. That way your interest and motivation is maintained.

Is Venus Factor A Low Or No Carb Diet ?

In response to one questioner who asks whether or not the Venus Factor is a low or no carbohydrate diet, Debs replies in her review that “it absolutely is not.”

A diet where you can eat what you like ? How radical.....! (Small portions matter though!)
A diet where you can eat what you like ? How radical…..! (You have to eat Small Portions though!)

You can eat basically whatever foods you like as long as you are following your own individualized Venus Factor calorie guideline printout.

This is a meal planner and calorie counter which is part of the software provided by your Venus Factor Diet system in the “Virtual Nutritionist”software package. (This is simple to use and very informative and helpful in planning your diet. You get a similar program for your exercise regime – if you elect to go for the exercise plan.)

No Fasting Required With Venus Factor!
There’s No Fasting Required With Venus Factor!

So fasting is actually not the ethos behind the Venus Factor, and certainly low carbohydrate diets – the 1200 calorie diet and the 500 calorie diet come to mind here – are in no way part of the program.

To lose weight quickly, you need a sensible strategy that will maintain your motivation and avoid backsliding or gorging when you get hungry.

Make no mistake about it, to lose weight fast isn’t necessarily very easy…… unless, that is, you have the support and motivation of something like your Venus Factor community. That’s another great way of ensuring that you get support for yourself.

As Debs says, you can even find an accountability partner with whom you can work through the program. You can check on each other and act as a point of reference to ensure that you both stick to the program.

Debs herself has lost weight in quite a dramatic way: she went from 180 pounds to 137 pounds in 12 weeks.

Her excess weight was caused by eating takeaway foods four times a week, so she was able to quickly change her diet to much healthier foods which had lower calorie recipes but still felt filling.

She also did half an hour a day cross training and three Venus Factor workouts per week. The result of this was that she dropped 43 pounds in 12 weeks on the Venus Factor diet program.

Venus Factor Reviews Prove This Diet Works!

It’s no wonder really, when you look at reviews like this, that Venus is one of the most well-known products today in the field of weight loss.

Debs Green is a Seattle mother of two with a part-time job, leading a hectic and busy life. For somebody in this situation it’s easy to overeat, but it’s not so easy to lose the weight once it’s been put on.

Debs explains that she was overweight and unhappy with the way she looked, and all of the latest diet fads* (which might be familiar to you) didn’t do much good for her.

The holistic approach works!
The holistic approach works! This is an illustration of what you might achieve if you work hard and diet seriously….

And, she says, the reason Venus Factor Diet is different is because it’s an entire package that addresses motivation, nutrition, exercise, diet, motivation support and weight maintenance.

But not only that, as Debs points out in her Venus Factor Review, there’s a lot of information about why women are more susceptible to weight gain, and find it hard to lose weight.

This challenge is based on women’s unique physiology: the hormone leptin (the fat burning hormone) is essentially the key to weight gain and loss for women. The trouble is that most women’s bodies become insensitive to the activity of leptin over time.

This effect can be reversed in two ways: first by eating a carefully designed diet (perhaps with certain supplements that increase the body’s sensitivity to leptin), and second by providing the body with foods which are less likely to be deposited as fat because of the influence of leptin in your body.

Back to the Venus Factor – you can read about leptin elsewhere on this website if you want to!

In her Venus Factor review, Debs also offers some practical advice for people.  For example:

  • You can download the Venus Factor diet ebook and all the apps and programs onto Kindle, tablet and laptop as needed.
  • There are supplements available, but they’re not necessary – just helpful in losing weight.
  • The virtual nutritionist is an easy-to-use app (a software program) which gives you details of how many calories you should eat, as well as your protein totals for the week – it also correlates your protein and calorie requirements with the meal plans which will provide them for you.
  • The meal plans generally give you 1700 cal a day, which is quite manageable for women – for whom the average daily requirement of calories is around 2000. Although this seems like a small calorie deficit – 300 calories a day – it’s going to be enough to cause you to lose fat consistently over a period of time until you reach your target weight.
  • The Venus factor recommends (though it is not compulsory) working out three times a week.
  • The exercise program includes specific exercises to tone and shape the areas of a woman’s body which need most attention, including glutes, thighs, arms and legs
  • And in addition there are core body exercises as well.
  • Membership is by a one-time payment fee of $47 which gives you access the whole Venus Factor Diet, with program membership for life and open access to the Venus Factor community.

Here’s the question: with all this going for you, why wouldn’t you join the program?


Diet fads: cabbage diet, low carb diets, Atkins diets, paleo diet…. acai berry diet…. and a million more ways to lose weight quickly. Yeah, right.