Independent Reviews Prove The Venus Diet Works!

How Does The Venus Factor Diet Work?

It’s a modern diet and exercise plan designed specifically for women – and it’s taken the world of fitness by storm over the last few years.

And what everyone wants to know is: how does it work?

The problem is that genuine explanations of how it works are few and far between. And so, for that matter, are genuine reviews of the Venus Factor.

My site, the one you are reading now, is different.

Diet plan - venus factor
Having clear goals is essential when you start using any diet plan. What do you want your target weight to be?

Rather than simply saying you MUST buy this wonder product, I explain what you get when you buy The Venus Factor. I explain how the Venus Factor works, according to the people who designed the diet.

And, more importantly, I tell you if it really works for women who want to lose wight.

I give you factual information about the contents of this remarkable program. That way you can make up your own mind about trying it out.  Fair enough? (If you want to visit the official Venus site now, simply click here.)

Although a lot of so-called independent reviews are in fact nothing of the kind, when you search skilfully on the Internet you can find independent reviews. They are usually tucked away in online discussion forums. I’ve been looking in those forums, and here’s some of what I’ve found.

picture of internet forumIn the forum there’s a discussion about the Venus Factor – in fact it’s more or less a Venus Factor review.

The email thread starts off in a kind of jokey way with people bantering about whether or not weight loss is ever easy. (Especially rapid weight loss.)

It’s almost like the nervous chit chat you get before people dive into something new….. so, let’s take the plunge….

At First Glance

The first comments come from a woman who says that the Venus program appears to be a good one, although she observes that the fitness element in it is based on aesthetic goals rather than functional strength.

In other words, it gives you a body to be proud of, not necessarily one that’s the muscular product of excessive gym work. (Thank heavens for that.)

This woman is something of an expert in the field of personal development. She observes that the Venus Factor has a good mix of exercises designed for women, some of which are focused on lifting weights, and some of which are based on cardiovascular exercise.

And she points out the VF offers podcasts full of information for people who want to get the most out of the program.

Then there’s an online forum with easy access to community members and professional support staff who can provide free reviews of your progress towards the body you want.  And there’s  every imaginable kind of help on offer if you need it.

(If you think you’ve seen enough to be confident this product might help you lose weight fast and keep it offwhy not visit the official Venus site right now, simply by clicking here?)

Access Is Easy

podcast imagesNext, another woman asks how you get access to the dieting, weight loss, conditioning and fitness information in the Venus program.

The answer, as you may already know, is in many forms: ebooks, podcasts, aps, downloadable programs, calculators for calories, fitness regimes, eating plans, menu plans, an exercise plan tailored to your needs….. and, above all, access to the community forums.

These forums are a really amazing resource, full of supportive people and helpful information.

picture of women using venus index to work outAnd importantly, the whole system is very simple – for example, you can easily print off the workout sheets and take them to the gym. Or, if you have a suitable phone, you can download them onto that for hand-held simplicity. And of course, you can also use them at home.

Weight Loss Miracles Are Off The Menu!

One poster, who is a real customer, not some spurious reviewer, says: “I can tell you, The Venus Factor is so worth it. It really works.”

She says it’s not a “miracle system” (but then, in my experience, miracles tend to be few and far between in the field of weight loss and dieting!)

Venus is, however, very user-friendly — for example, she emphasizes that tracking your calorie intake is exceptionally easy when you use the tools the Venus system reviews. Another example – you can actually find the appropriate amount you should be eating for whatever point you’ve reached in your weight loss goals.

And because it’s based on aesthetic bodily appearance, it certainly has a clear goal to aim for: looking good, feeling great!

picture of women using venus factorThat’s far more motivating, as this woman confirms, than just willy-nilly dieting and working out. She also points out that the other fitness programs like The Beach Body System did improve her fitness, but she “bulked up in all the wrong places”.

The Venus Factor actually gave her control over where she put on muscle, so she got the specific look she desired.

And more interestingly still, this poster makes the observation that she’s used it twice. A couple of years ago she used Venus to lose 15 pounds and reshape her body.

Use It or Lose It!


Maybe it's time for you to invest in a diet which works? (Indicative photo only. Actual results vary.)
Maybe it’s time for you to invest in a diet which works? (Indicative photo only. Actual results vary according to the effort you put in and your individual physiology.)

But she didn’t use it for “maintenance”, so she rebounded and put on 30 pounds (even though not all of that was fat). Now, she’s using it again, and finding that she steadily loses weight. She summarizes her experience by saying that the Venus Factor is not a miracle solution (as if we didn’t know!), and it can be hard work, but it’s worth it.

What I particularly like is that she emphasizes the value of the community, where the women are “so helpful and encouraging”.

Newbies might get discouraged and overwhelmed, she says, without some support — which is where the Venus forum comes in. She says that the ladies “just lift you up” and there’s “no cattiness, no nastiness, just amazing and wonderful support.”

And There’s More!

Another poster rather amusingly observes that she’s “tried all the miracles out there, and they seem to be about avoiding putting the work in.” Her miracle, she says, is “knowing that when I’m drenched in sweat, I’ve had a good day!”

I think what she means by this is that you do have to put some work in!!

85 Pages Of Rapid Weight Loss Plans –
How To Lose 12 Pounds In 10 Weeks!

Another poster says that she’s bought The Venus Factor program and read the 85 page eBook which explains everything . She calls the information “sensible” and “practical”, covering as it does the female body, female physiology, metabolic issues, calories, dieting and exercising.

(If you’ve seen enough and want to know more from the authors of the Venus diet, simply click here.)

Vegetarian diets are thought of as healthy but may actually cause weight gain if they contain lots of fatty seeds and nuts.
You need expert advice about your diet if you are to lose weight. The VF provides this information. (Photo is not a real user of the product.)

But then beyond this, the human side of it all is the support and the individual tailoring of the diet and fitness information – so good, she says, that “the program has given me back my own point of view, allowing me to follow my own good sense about my own personal weight loss program.” WOW!

In essence she says the VF program takes a sea of rules, opinions, advice, diets, facts and figures, and simplifies it into good practical guidelines. That means you’re not floating alone in a small boat on the open sea!

One of the criticism she has in her Venus Factor review is that they do send rather a lot of e-mails, which are “slightly hyper”, but having said this, she admits, in fairness, you can opt out of these e-mails.

Another poster makes the wry observation that people are fond of saying things like “Gosh, there are no miracles, you gotta do the work”.

And then she admits that of course people are right, but she does also say “it doesn’t have to be ‘insane’ work” .

This woman is pointing out that a good, tailored program can help almost anyone shape up and look great very effectively, regardless of their existing level of fitness.

And a man makes the point that author John Barban is also responsible for the Adonis index program for men – no coincidence, then, that he’s had great results with both the Adonis index and this program!

These reviewers point out that the VF workout is customized to your body type, there’s a lot of variety, remind us there are videos for all the exercises and the nutritional plan, and point out that you can even download the whole thing to your phone so that it’s right at your fingertips when you do your exercises or workout at the gym.

The Venus Factor is a customized approach to fitness and rapid weight loss for women, whereas Adonis offers men the same thing.

And To Close This Goddess Review?

comparison of before and after diet planFinally, a poster in November 2013 gives some specific factual information about her experience. She starts by saying she’s only a little way into the Venus Factor, and there’s a 45 minute workout routine to be done three times a week, which makes her sweat more than she does during full body workouts or cardio exercise. As a result, she’s lost 5 pounds in 1 week.

Venus Element, she says, reviews how many calories you should be eating in a day to lose weight, as well as the number of calories you should be eating to maintain your weight. This is all based on your own age, weight, height and physiology.

And you get further breakdowns: like how much protein you should be eating in a day.

As you can see, the overall goal of the Venus Factor is to boost the body’s response to leptin, which is the fat burning hormone. The whole system is tailored to boosting your natural fat burning capabilities.

And it’s simple: it comes down to very good advice and practical information about eating smart and working out in the right way.

If you need community support to “overcome your own mindset” it’s there for you, whereas if you just simply “need a goal to motivate you” then you may choose not to go into the community.

She concludes by saying that although she’s only just started the program she’s feeling pretty confident she can keep going, and she’s planning to hold herself accountable by taking progress photos at the end of every week. Her goal was to lose 4 dress sizes in the 12 week program!  (Goal achieved!)