What Is This Diet All About? (A Content Review For YOU!)

Well, I just bought the Venus Factor program, and I couldn’t believe how much material there was waiting for me in my own personal Venus Factor “cockpit”. This looks like great value for money!

This is what greeted me – the main sections of the program:

  • The 12 Week Fat Loss System
  • The Venus Factor virtual nutritionist
  • The Venus Factor work out system
  • Venus Factor 101
  • The Special Bonuses

And in addition, there’s information on workouts, free podcasts, nutritional information, coaching calls, and how-to videos. Oh, and did I mention the apps?

Not only all that, but there’s a free interactive chat system to guide you through it all. That’s real chat with a real live person….!

No matter what your objectives, the VF gives you a great chance of achieving them!
No matter what your objectives, the VF gives you a great chance of achieving them!

So there’s a lot of information here! How do you know if it’s any good? Answer – I’m here to help.

In fact, to help you decide about buying this new and exciting weight loss system, I’m going to describe and review the main parts of the Venus Factor one by one, tell you what’s in them, and offer my opinion about everything.

That way you can safely decide if you want to buy it!

And I’ll back that up with a little bit of scientific research which shows how much of the Venus Factor is based on good, proven scientific and medical principles. Here we go.

The 12 Week Fat Loss Program In The Venus Factor

This is the main material in the Venus Factor: a 12 week fat loss system. In fact the author, John Barban, says this is the only fat loss system you will ever need. Why? Because it’s been designed by experts in female physiology, nutrition and biology.

In other words, the unique selling point of this system is that it’s been specifically designed for the female body. 

And it looks simple and fuss-free. Good news there! But does it work?

John Barban says that the science on which the Venus Factor is based is pretty complicated BUT, thank heavens, he and his expert authors   have taken that science and turned it into a simple, practical system. 

John says that what they’ve come up with is a way to trigger “fat melting metabolism which burns like a furnace day after day.”

Now that’s a pretty big claim! Can he back it up?

John offers huge amounts of information, in fact he says “you’ll be blown away” by the amount of information in the Venus Factor fat loss system.

Well, let’s see. Sometimes brief is better, yes? So Let me tell you what I found when I checked it all out. When you click the button that says “Download  The 12 Week Fat Loss System “, you get a PDF document downloaded to your computer within seconds.

Image of the Venus Factor eBookJeez! This is a 179 page document! I mean, I’ve heard of value for money, but is this really necessary?

But when I actually read it all, what I found is that the experts behind the Venus Factor are giving us great context and clear, simple instructions in those 179 pages, so it’s not overwhelming at all, in any way.

What You Will Find There Is Clear And Simple

John Barban starts with an explanation of how the Venus Factor works. This explains how you can get the best out of the system.

By the way, I realize I didn’t mention the Venus community, which is a private on-line community only for Venus Factor members where you can meet, exchange ideas and experiences, and even start your own personal blog.

All of that’s optional, of course, but you can get huge amounts of useful information from blogs that other members have written, in which they talk about their experiences with the Venus factor.

The same thing is true of the podcasts, which consist of other Venus members telling you about their amazing weight loss success stories. Not only that, but the organisation itself holds three contests every year, and all of the winners are interviewed by John Barban to find out how they used the Venus Factor to shape their bodies and improve their lives. This is incredibly valuable information and it’s really practical — it’s been put together by the women who lost the most weight using the Venus Factor.

So how do you lose weight with Venus Factor?

Simple. You use the Venus Factor 12-week dietary system, and, if you want, you also use the optional 12-week Venus Factor workout system. This will speed up the results you get with the Venus Factor diet.

While not intended to represent a real VF user - this is an indication of what you can achieve.... if you put your mind to it!
While not intended to represent a real VF user, this is an indication of what you REALLY can achieve…. if you put your mind to it!

You see, getting in shape is faster if you use a two-part process: one part being weight loss and fat removal; the second part being body shaping and muscle toning.

You know, the thing is that the main reason why diets so often fail is that they’re not adjusted to each individual’s body shape, metabolism, and make up. 

So here I’ll tell you how The Venus Factor is different, and how it can actually cope with your individual metabolism.