Why Does the Venus Factor Work So Well?

The Venus Factor is based on science that’s well proven.

In fact, it’s based on the well proven workings of a natural body compound called leptin -a really important hormone in the body; it’s the one which controls how fat is laid down in both men and women.

This makes Leptin a critical factor in controlling weight loss or weight gain in women, and also in maintaining a feminine appearance (at least as far as body shape is concerned).

(See more on BMI in men and women here.)

What’s The Science Behind This Diet?

I’m a scientist by training – with a degree from the University of Oxford – so I went along to the university library and did some research on leptin in scientific journals. (I know, who’d do that with the internet at hand? But I wanted a walk and some fresh air!)

So what is leptin? You might never have heard of, but it’s only been discovered in recent times. This is how it’s defined:

Leptin is a 16-kDa adipokine that plays a key role in regulating energy intake and expenditure, including appetite and hunger, metabolism, and behavior. It is one of the most important adipose-derived hormones.

In other words, it’s a hormone that is made in the body, in both men and women, which regulates food intake and body weight.

It controls the laying down of fat and it controls the release of fat into the bloodstream for energy. That’s what we call “burning off fat”.

Here’s the molecule’s structure.

It took several years for scientists to review and isolate leptin in the early years of the 21st century. This is an extract from Wikipedia:

Leptin is a peptide hormone expressed, synthesized and secreted by adipose tissue … it circulates in blood and regulates food intake and energy expenditure. When fat mass falls, plasma leptin levels fall, thereby stimulating appetite and suppressing energy expenditure until fat mass is restored. When fat mass increases, leptin levels increase, thereby suppressing appetite until weight is lost. This physiological system ensures that total energy stores are kept within a relatively narrow range. This system controls energy balance and is the biologic basis for obesity.

So your Venus Factor Diet slimming program is based on real science. In fact, it works by manipulating your levels of leptin, the fat burning hormone in the human body.

I’ve looked at some scientific articles about leptin. They reveal that when your food intake causes an increase or a decrease in leptin concentration in your body tissues, your body will respond immediately by either laying down fat or releasing fat into the bloodstream.

And because Venus works in exactly that way, it’s a really exciting approach to weight loss.

You can see how this goes far beyond the conventional view that exercise is the key to losing weight fast.

Truth is, some scientists think that even if you exercise with a very tough gym routine, you might not lose weight if your leptin levels don’t make your body release fat.

And another way of achieving the same end is to increase the efficiency of leptin in the body.

And rather wonderfully, this diet – the venus factor diet – does exactly that. It helps the body use leptin so that fat is released rather laid down. And it’s a completely safe process (as you can see from the scientific articles I’ve linked to lower down this page).

Venus Is Scientifically Proven To Work

What makes this approach to weight loss so exciting is that it’s scientifically proven.

In other words, by  improving leptin efficiency, this diet relies on proven science.

You can find lots of information on leptin in Wikipedia and Google scholar, although it’s not necessary to investigate all the science here.

Put simply, your levels of leptin control fat metabolism.  And the levels of leptin in your body go up and down according to the energy requirements of your body, the amount of food you’re eating, and the exercise you’re taking.

Obviously these are all factors that determine whether fat is laid down or released for energy. And if we can manipulate leptin levels, then we can influence the way in which the body deals with fat in the diet.

Four Ways To Control Leptin

Amazingly enough, your personalized venus factor plan provides four different approaches to improve your body’s sensitivity to leptin – and what that means in reality is you now have four powerful ways to lose weight!

All of this happens within the framework of the body’s natural responses, without producing massive swings in your leptin level: it’s about increasing your body’s sensitivity to leptin is already there.

One of the ways in which you can increase your body’s sensitivity to leptin is to adjust your diet.

And when you do this, it means that your leptin levels never drop too far – which means your brain STOPS thinking that it needs a supply of fatty food. You just don’t want to eat that burger, chips or ice cream (to name but a few)!

In other words, by doing certain simple things around diet and exercise, you can fool your brain into thinking that your body has plenty of fat in the bloodstream.

That suppresses your appetite, and that in turn stops you eating foods that can make you fat. It’s almost miraculous.